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Promoting Australian businesses at the 2019 CIIE with Chinese Digital Marketing Solutions

WeBOOST is powering Victorian and Australian businesses in the 2019 CIIE.

The 2019 China International Import Expo (CIIE) has successfully ended on 10 November. USD$71.1 billion (or AUD$104.1 according to currency on 20 November) worth of tentative deals were signed at the Expo.

Australian businesses were a part of the extraordinary numbers, including Bubba Organics, Ocean King and Micurae.

Victorian commissioner to Greater China Tim Dillon mentioned many Australian businesses have signed on for the next CIIE already.

WeBOOST is proud to announce our successful collaboration in developing digital marketing and IT solutions with the aforementioned companies.

We have worked with these companies in developing its Chinese digital marketing solution for the Expo and beyond. With the uniqueness between every company, we customized our approach amongst them.

Bubba Organics

Bubba Organics dedicates to “create premium, 100% natural, pure & gentle baby skincare essentials that mums can trust & babies love.”

Its Australian Goat Milk skincare series is renowned for fighting eczema in babies. With products that we trust and use in our office, WeBOOST worked at our best to demonstrate the amazing products from Bubba.

We have helped the gorgeous ladies from Bubba Organics in registering a WeChat Official Account to not only build connections and communicate with the Chinese vendors but also display their products with a WeChat H5 page.

To extend the reach and demonstrate the positive impact of Bubba’s products, we have translated customer reviews and testimonials from Australian mums to Chinese for the H5 page as well.

While the financial figure of the deal is confidential, the ladies have reported a great success. And, further collaborations between Bubba Organics and WeBOOST are in progess.

Ocean King

Offering health wellbeing products to world leading travel retailer chains and multinational pharmacies in Asia Pacific, Ocean King was another key corporation that WeBOOST worked with for its CIIE success.

Other than a WeChat Official Account, we have developed a WeChat Mini Program and a new website for the world-renowned brand.

The WeChat Mini Program allowed Chinese customers to purchase products straight from Ocean King, demonstrating the ability of a Mini Program to convert WeChat traffic to sales.

Its new eCommerce website also helped to extend the reach of its products and sales channel worldwide, notably Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The project details of our collaboration with Ocean King will be available at our website in a short time.


Micurae is empowering healthcare with its digital medical solution. Aimed at breaking the geographical barrier in accessing quality healthcare, Micurae has been collaborating with WeBOOST in developing the underlying system in doing so.

The innovative idea from Micurae offers more than benefits to health, but a holistic and personalized patient care.

The system from Micurae customizes every step of the medical journey for its patients in order to ensure the best care and even better recovery.

Following key medical values including “do no harm” and patient confidentiality, Micurae added transparency and affordability to the equation that differentiated its solution above the rest.

WeBOOST carefully developed the system to make the idea of Micurae into a reality. And we cannot be prouder to see Micurae’s success in the CIIE.


WeBOOST is excited to hear the success of our collaborating companies in the 2019 China International Import Expo and is planning to help even more Victorian and Australian businesses in the upcoming 2020 CIIE.

Learn more about WeBOOST at weboost.com.au.

For more information, please contact:

Nick | Marketing Manager

E: marketing@weboost.com.au



The ultimate goal of WeBoost is to make IT services affordable and available to everyone. To achieve that goal, we endeavour to connect your business directly onto the Internet and bolster your business appearance in the online market.

Founded in Melbourne, WeBOOST strategically positioned between local corporations and the online audience for brands to advocate themselves through the digital space. Our expertise in WeChat marketing, including Mini Program and Official Account, builds a pathway for Australian companies in reaching the wider Chinese-speaking population in China, Malaysia, Singapore and more.