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Promotions at Work: A Complete Solution for Trade Promotion Management

Part II of our look into the sales force automation solution from Sales At Work

Many sales and marketing managers contacted us after reading our review of the Sales at Work workforce management software and they wanted to know if Sales at Work offers a similar product tailored for trade promotion management. We are pleased to let everyone know the developers of Sales at Work offers Promotions at Work, which is an attractively priced comprehensive software solution for those who own or manage businesses that either make or distribute consumer goods. We have given this product a test drive so we can answer the question, "What features of Promotions at Work can streamline the planning, implementation, and management of my promotional campaigns?"

What initially impressed us was the extensive data management functionality associated with the Promotions at Work software, as well as the intuitive workflow and approval processes. This program also provides the ability to select metrics to target and assess the performance of both your team and your product lines. You are probably thinking to yourself, "Well all that is great, but what are the specifics?"

Here are the nine areas of Promotions at Work we found that provide quantifiable improvements for your operations that lead to optimal bottom line results for your business.

-Data Management: We found that this software allows the user to create detail account profiles that including the ability to assign multiple addresses and geocoding, product ranges, contact information, and billing information. For security purposes, we found the program allows you to determine data access permissions and then associate with them with the type of user as well at the individual user level.

-Sales Budgeting: Our testing found this program allows you to establish the pricing and terms to use to create budgets for individual accounts, product line, or by the account manager

-Sales Forecasting: Based on our trial of the program, we found the program provides user-friendly sales forecasts, which management can use to evaluate the efficacy of both staff and the promotional campaign.

-Promotions Planning: We found Promotions at Work allows user to manage campaigns according to products, teams, and product groups. The easy to use scheduling feature prevents scheduling duplicate product promotions on the same day.

-Return on Invest Assessment: As anyone in trade promotions management knows, it does not matter if products fly off the shelves if the sales do not produce enough revenue to generate a net profit. We found this product allows the user to consider all factors so you can set favourable price points.

-Promotions Approval: Our assessment showed the program efficiently alerts managers when the spending levels are ready to be approved and allows collaboration amongst all those who hold a stake in the campaign.

-Accruals and Claims: The Promotions at work generates a forecast cost for the promotion as soon as it is approved so the organisation's finance can provide accurate reports of the margins and track the claims of the customers.

-Performance Analytics: We found this software provides a rich array of performance analytics, which can target parameters established by the user.

- ERP Integration: The integration of all the functionalities of this program allows it to seamlessly integrate with most ERP systems.

Our testing indicates Promotions at Work definitely acts as a comprehensive tool for trade promotion management.

More information: www.salesatwork.com

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