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Purchase through your App with just a tap thanks to Checkout from OpenMarket

Whoever said it was hard to monetise mobile phone Apps obviously hasn’t heard of Checkout, a new product released by OpenMarket Australia this week.

Checkout enables consumers to buy products through their favourite Apps and websites and place the charges on their mobile phone bill similar to how consumers enter competitions and are charged 55 cents.

OpenMarket Australia spokesperson Jonathan Morgan said Checkout offers a convenient payment method that avoids the need to type in credit card numbers, which is especially handy for small value purchases.

“Checkout is one of the fastest and easiest ways for consumers to complete a mobile purchase using their web-enabled mobile device,” Mr Morgan said.

OpenMarket is a global mobile transaction hub, providing payments, messaging and connectivity to companies who use mobile as a marketing and sales channel.

Mr Morgan said Checkout enables payment within Apps and on websites so it suits a range of different companies that are looking to monetise their Apps or online services.

“Subscription services such as TV and magazines are increasingly using the functionality to take both one off and subscription payments for their content, and Checkout is also a great way for consumers to purchase virtual currency which is becoming hugely popular in the major online gaming Apps.”

With Checkout, brands seeking to increase engagement with their consumers also have a new method for consumers to register for their prize draws.

“Instead of having to type in 19 long numbers and send text messages to enter competitions, with Checkout the consumer can simply click on a button within the branded web or mobile experience,” Mr Morgan said.

Checkout offers consumers the Mobile Payment 2.0 experience which underlines why mobile platforms will be the payment terminals of the future.

“OpenMarket is actively looking for companies that think they can take advantage of this new facility, so get in touch if you think OpenMarket can help and we can talk through how simple it is to get started.”

OpenMarket has been operating since 1999 and employs more than 250 full-time staff globally. It has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Seattle (headquarters), New York, Detroit and London.

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