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Putting innovation back in the boating and fishing world!

Boatigo is a new and improved solution to help recreational boating and fishing enthusiasts connect, communicate and organise trips!


Tech company, Boatigo has developed a platform to bring boat owners and users together to limit the wasted space on recreational boats.


The platform is designed to help boat owners (Skippers) show their vessel and dates they are heading out on the water and allow the general public (Crew) to peruse available boats and request to join them.

Currently, the boating and fishing communities use Facebook Groups, forums and chat rooms to organise recreational trips. As it is an old and clunky way of operation, it can lead to an awkward exchange of money on the day.

Boatigo will provide the community environment with a convenient, secure and more sustainable way of organising recreational trips.  Verified ID’s, community status badges, ratings and reviews all help keep the community honest.

"Boating is expensive, and every day there are a large number of recreational vessels out on the water with spare space being underutilised. Boatigo is bridging the gap between recreational boat owners and users, bringing them together in a secure community built on trust. This allows boat users wanting to get out on the water the ability to find vessels with spare space and contribute to the boat owners running costs for that trip. No more messing about in forums, groups or chat rooms." said CEO of Boatigo Joel Keane.

The process means Skippers can add their vessel and show when they are going out for recreational boating or fishing, and they can do this for free on the Boatigo site. Crew and even tourists travelling to the area can securely message the Skipper or request to join with a few clicks.  They can clearly see all information about a vessel such as features, safety equipment, make and model, pictures and even what fish can be targeted on a trip.  

"Boatigo is going to revolutionise the recreational boating and fishing communities by making boating more sustainable and accessible.  It will allow Skippers to receive non-profit contributions towards their running costs on recreational trips, everyone can get out and enjoy the water more often for less. We even have secure in-built messaging for communications. Once the trip is complete, both parties leave a review for each other at the end." added Joel.


"As a boat owner, I am thrilled to have this platform come to surface. It will help with the running cost of my boat and people will be given the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather out the water!” said boat owner Brett Atkins.

“I’m a freshly minted skipper and still lack a bit of confidence when taking the boat out on my own. I was finding that my rig was doing a lot of driveway time when I was off work and didn't have an available First Mate. When I saw Boatigo pop up on my Facebook newsfeed, I thought it sounded like a really easy way to connect with fishing fanatics in my area and get some boating practice under my belt. It's a super easy platform to use and their tech support is really responsive. I signed up as a captain and created my profile in less time than it takes to reverse the trailer.  Now to find the perfect captain's hat,” Boat owner, Natalie Hunt.  

Boatigo is live and ready for recreational boat owners to list and users to join, you can do this here.

Connect. Communicate. Organise.


For more information, please contact:

Joel Keane | CEO of Boatigo

E: joel.keane@boatigo.com

P: 0409 598 563

About Boatigo

Boatigo.  "Boat" + "Contigo" (Spanish for "with you)

Boating and fishing should be all about a sense of community. Sharing knowledge and experience and creating memories. Boatigo provides an online platform that allows the recreational boating and fishing communities to connect, communicate and organise their trips.


By utilising all available space on boats, Boatigo and its community members are contributing to making boating and fishing more sustainable for the future.


You're a Boatigo Skipper?

Boatigo offers you a great way to get contributions towards the running costs of your next recreational trip. This can allow you to offset your costs and get out on the water more often for less.


It can also be a great way for you to meet new people that have a common passion for boating and fishing!


You're Boatigo Crew?

If you are wanting to get out on the water to boat or fish, Boatigo allows you to search for boats in your area and find available spots.  It is a great way to connect and communicate with the Skippers wherever you are.


Perhaps you are on holidays without your boat? No problem! Search your holiday location and find boats going out on the water on days that suit you.