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Red Square launches podifier, the first all-in-one publishing tool for podcasting

Leading Australian Internet agency, Red Square, has announced the release of Podifier the first, all-in-one tool designed to simplify the publishing side of podcasts. The Windows-based tool is free and available for download at the website, http://www.podifier.com.
Weve watched with interest the increasing topicality of podcasting and the phenomenal growth of the MP3 delivery devices market sector, said Tony Redhead, co-founder and principal of Red Square. We seized the opportunity to again reinforce our market position as a first mover seeking to add value to our clients. We wanted to take the complexity out of the podcasting publishing process and offer it to the Internet community at large and we have done so", said Mr Redhead.
Podifier is a simple-to-use application that automates in one application the creation of an RSS feed, the association of one or more MP3 files, and includes the FTP application to upload them to a server.
Recent reports from research company IDC forecast the Australian market for MP3 devices will double in size with 1.3 million players expected to be sold this year alone.
The potential for podcasting is enormous, said Mr Redhead. Its more than just storing music or favourite broadcasts on an MP3 device. Its a potentially revolutionary tool and we are actively discussing a number of podcasting options with our national and international clients as a way to provide their mobile client base with relevant information, delivered via their MP3 devices and tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual.
The websites we develop today are centres of business activity providing user friendly, interactive opportunities to access and disseminate information, conduct e-commerce activities and develop customer relationships.
Mr Redhead cites the travel industry as an example. Here we have websites that provide detailed information on locations, airports, travel warnings but as soon as you leave the ground, in most situations, that information is no longer available.
One solution is to provide targeted podcasts specific to the travel plans that your client is about to undertake and the destinations they will visit. For example, before departure the traveller indicates the itinerary and destinations, and a podcast containing information relevant to the choices is created from a content pool of recorded information. The traveller subscribes to the podcast knowing that any changes or updates will automatically be downloaded to their MP3 device right up to the second they pick up their player and walk out the door to start their journey."
Podcasting is the downloading and playing of audio files from anywhere on the web on an MP3 digital music player, PC or laptop, to play at any place at any time.
In the past, if listeners were not available to hear favourite broadcasts, they missed out. They could only tape them, if they remembered. Podcasting means listeners can now capture their own library of broadcasts to play whenever they want to hear them.
Publishing an audio broadcast as a podcast is a two-step process of:
1. creating an audio recording; and
2. uploading or publishing it to a server.
Using aggregators such as iPodder and Doppler, listeners can subscribe to podcasts listed on popular directories such as Podcast Alley, Podcast Central or the Podcast Network. Podcasts can be scheduled to download to an MP3 device regularly at any time, 24 x 7, and can be accessed at will. Once a subscription has been made it will continue downloading updates as scheduled, until cancelled.
Key to the publishing of an audio broadcast to the website is the creation of the Podcast feed. This is an RSS 2.0 (really simple syndication) feed that allows you to enclose an MP3 file. The advantage of the RSS feed is that it's no longer click-wait. Now your computer, in the middle of the night, can be downloading the files you want to hear the next day.
Creating the RSS feeds and FTPing the MP3 file and XML file to your server is sometimes easier said than done because of the necessity to enter the correct codes and requisite information, and have FTP access and properly prepared MP3 files.
This is where Red Squares Podifier excels, providing the podcasting community with a unique tool that turns three publishing steps into one. Podifier also includes a number of error-checking options to ensure that the feed is capable of delivering the MP3 files accurately. Future versions will include a Macintosh version, automatic file conversion on the fly during uploads, the capability to listen to the MP3 file before upload and pre-scheduled uploads.
The Red Square development team created Podifier with Macromedias Flash MX 2004.
Podifier is an extremely clever and innovative tool and very easy to use, said John Biviano, Macromedias Managing Director, Australia/New Zealand. The first time I saw it I could see how it alone could expand the podcasting phenomenon. Its a very exciting initiative. We are delighted to be working with Red Square who use Macromedias Flash to consistently deliver new, easy-to-use Internet experiences for their clients.
For Podifier screen grabs, please go to: http://www.podifier.com/podifierscreens.zip.
Situated in a converted engineering factory in Glebe, New South Wales, Red Square is one of Australias leading full-service Internet agencies with a solid and reliable industry reputation for developing innovative and integrated Internet solutions for some of Australias largest corporate brands and identities.
Founded in 1995 by Tony Redhead and Kelly Burke, Red Square delivers flexible, stable and scalable solutions for its clients, ensuring these solutions are designed specifically to ensure a positive user experience. The companys approach to each Internet project is to deliver visual impact as well as functional excellence, ensuring that a website is designed as a framework around which additional components and capabilities can be added over time.
Red Square clients, many of whom have been with the company for five years or more, include a diverse range of industries including: travel, real estate, shipping, sport, telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics and finance. While their industries are diverse and requirements varied, all clients are treated with the same Red Square attention to quality.
Interactive solutions play a big part in the success of Red Squares clients online presence and commendation for their successful branding within their key industries.