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Reekoh and Senquip Bring Data Integration to Industrial Fleet

BRISBANE, Australia - Reekoh, the award-winning Australian data integration company and Senquip, the Australian manufacturer of the world’s most versatile sensor gateways are pleased to announce completion of data integration trials.

Reekoh is now able to receive data securely from Senquip sensor gateways such as the Senquip ORB, via its built-in MQTT broker support. With data being sent directly from the ORB to the Reekoh platform, additional costs associated with servers and APIs are avoided, and data ownership can be more easily guaranteed.

These two great Australian companies complement each other with Senquip providing sensor data and Reekoh integrating that data with open data, IT business systems and cloud applications to create valuable insights and actions for customers. 

The ORB can connect to almost any industrial sensor or system. The built-in GPS provides position and speed, and an accelerometer measures machine orientation, making the ORB perfect for use in mobile applications. Reekoh’s industrial integration cloud can then take this fleet data into existing systems allowing for improved machine utilisation and management.

“Reekoh is focused on bringing agility and nimbleness to industrial customers where things have been traditionally cumbersome and technically complicated,” says Reekoh CEO and co-founder Dale Rankine.

“We see these same values in Senquip and working with hardware and sensor companies like them help us to collectively bring these benefits to system integrators end customers. Providing faster integration from data generation through to data utilisation and business outcome ultimately reduces the hurdles and cost that many industrial customers face when undertaking digitally transformative initiatives and increases their rate of success.”

Norman Ballard, Senquip CEO and co-founder added, “Senquip is passionate about remote measurement. We build hardware that is rugged and flexible to enable Mining, Industrial Automation and Fleet customers to measure almost anything, almost anywhere.”

“We are excited to able to work with Reekoh as we believe that customers own their data and that they should be able to send it to the server of their choice.  Reekoh facilitates this belief.”


About Reekoh

Reekoh is an agile integration technology suite that uniquely brings together all aspects of the modern data landscape for enabling business outcomes; Physical (OT/IoT), Application and Open Data. Reekoh was founded in 2015 in Australia and has grown to deliver solutions with customers throughout APAC with a team of over 25 employees in Brisbane, Sydney and Manila. Named a Gartner Cool Vendor for IoT and with multiple business and technology awards, Reekoh’s goal is to be the global leader in integration technologies for the industrial market.

For more details visit: reekoh.com


About Senquip

Senquip is an Australian manufactures of rugged sensor gateways that connect to any industrial sensor or system and provide the measured data to the Senquip Portal or any server or SCADA system of your choice.

For more details visit: senquip.com