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Resume Rescue Reaches out to ANZ Employees

With the news that ANZ will be slashing jobs by 1,000 over the next 6 months and that 130 employees have been advised that their jobs will be axed, Resume Rescue has come to the table to offer ANZ employees who may need help in writing resumes and reapplying for other work with a discounted price to their online ebook package which includes a 60 page ebook full of practical advice to write a resume and step by step instructions on what to include and what to leave out, plus a resume template in Microsoft Word and over 50 examples of selection criteria.

Kylie Dowell, manager of Resume Rescue said, “The news of the loss of these jobs is awful and I feel for these workers who may have believed they were in secure employment. They certainly would be wondering what to do next and will possibly need to either polish or update their old resume or in some cases write one for the first time.

With the announcement that ANZ will cut a maximum two per cent of its 49,000 strong workforce, I can imagine how uneasy and nervous this will make current ANZ employees and their families feel.”

When Kylie first seen this in the news on Nine MSN she put a post-up on the Resume Rescue Facebook page stating, “This is not good for our fellow Australians. If you are one of these ANZ employees and need some resume help, email me and I will provide you with a voucher to receive 10% off our ebook package Resume Rescue: The Secrets to Resume Writing and Answering Selection Criteria,. to ensure your resume is ready to help you gain other employment.”

Kylie states she is serious about this offer and encourages ANZ employees to email her to gain the voucher code that will allow them to access this online package at a discounted price.

The ebook also goes into detail about transferrable skills and how to identify these. Kylie states that, “Just because these employees have been employed in the finance or banking industry doesn’t mean that the skills and knowledge they have cannot be transferred to other industries or positions i.e. an IT role in banking could be very similar to a role in IT in other industries from manufacturing to retail or advertising, just to name a few.”

Kylie also stated that, “Once employees are over the initial shock, this could be a good opportunity for some of the employees to take stock of their career and where they are heading. Through the GFC a few years ago we have seen many individuals on the end of a redundancy bounce back and open their own businesses with great success.”

Additionally, the Resume Rescue Manager is offering a free 30 minute telephone review with each person who takes this opportunity to provide them with further advice on how to improve their resume or selection criteria.

Kylie Dowell can be contacted via email on info@resume-rescue.com.au or you can visit the website for more information www.resume-rescue.com.au .

Also, to gain a sneak preview of the ebook you can find Resume Rescue on Facebook.