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Revel In It is here to ‘Rev Up’ online shopping for Australians

More than just a marketplace, a promotional network

Revel In It, www.revelinit.com.au an online marketplace for small Australian businesses to showcase their products has just launched with immediate results. This marketplace is for all areas of small business, not just handmade or eco-friendly but all categories of business. A site where the emphasis is not only on customer choice but also on the small businesses it represents.


“We support small business owners not only via Revel In It but also through our two other resources, All About Biz and Aussie Product Review. Both these businesses are used to support, engage and provide free information and promotion for small Aussie businesses,” says Cheryl Beasley, co owner of Revel In It. “Our aim is to help people succeed in business in the most economical way possible,” adds Rashelle McConville, co owner.


A mother and daughter team, Cheryl and Rashelle have been helping small businesses for over three years and the launch of Revel In It is another step in producing real opportunities for entrepreneurs to get their businesses ‘out there’ and promoted to the right audience. “We have a ‘No Sale, No Fee’ policy on Revel In It so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by listing your business with us” says Cheryl.


Revel In It is utilizing the social media networks of All About Biz and Aussie Product Review who currently engage over 10,000 users and will become part of this growing network to promote and support it’s online retailers. “Christmas promotions are in place and we are looking forward to a great future with Revel In It now part of our network” says Cheryl.


You can visit Revel In It at www.revelinit.com.au, All About Biz at www.allaboutbiz.com.au and Aussie Product Review at www.aussieproductreview.com.au