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Risk Score Calculator

Are we using the correct one?

Often I get asked the below question from clients whilst delivering training, I hope this article will help shed some light on the topic.

The risk matrix tool or calculator we use for risk assessments at work is different to the one used in the safety training we recently did. Does it mean the one we are using is incorrect?

A risk matrix or calculator provides you the ability to determine what the risk could ultimately be. There are several different risk matrix tools and calculators available to assist in the risk assessment process. With different training organisations and government agencies providing examples for those who may not already have one implemented.

Completing a risk assessment allows you to determine how dangerous or immediate the risk is, and will help you prioritise hazards based on their risk before implementing controls, enabling you to work on the highest risk first.

As long as the risk assessment tools you use takes into account the likelihood, the possible severity or any illness or injury that may result from the hazard and you use the same tool consistently, you can be comfortable that it is appropriate. Some risk tools also include the exposure to the hazard, Read the full article article here