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Australia’s leading transport and logistics specialist, NTI, is urging all drivers to take it easy on the roads as residents return from holidays and prepare for the school year to begin.

With border restrictions still in place across the country, many have opted to travel in their own state these summer holidays, and as a result, there could be a greater number of vehicles on the road as families return home for Term 1. In New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, classes start on Wednesday. 


NTI CEO Tony Clark said many drivers may not be used to travelling long distances or sharing the road with heavy vehicles. 


“Our research shows in 80 per cent of fatal crashes involving a car and truck, the car driver is at fault,” Mr Clark said. 


“This is a timely reminder for all car drivers to take their time and schedule in plenty of breaks on their drive home. 


“If you’re near a heavy vehicle, remember it takes a truck longer to brake, so give them plenty of space if you’re overtaking.  


“Trucks also have larger blind spots and require more space to manoeuvre so avoid any risky behaviour like cutting in front of a heavy vehicle.” 


Mr Clark said 2020 was a record-breaking year for the transport industry and 2021 was also shaping up to be an incredibly busy season. 


“With restrictions still in place, we’ve seen online shopping boom across Australia, and it is our transport and logistics workers who ensure the packages you purchase make it to your home. 


“They’re also the ones who deliver medicine, fresh food, produce, and either items – yes, including toilet paper – to stores so you can access what you need. 


“If you see a heavy vehicle while on your drive home, be sure to give the driver a wave to say thanks.” 

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