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Romper Stomper Kids Announces New Brand and Launch of Store for Kids Clothes Online

Camino Kids launched with new sales, brands and offers

Romper Stomper Kids, a one-stop destination for kids shoes online, is pleased to announce the launch of its recently rebranded company and new online store, www.caminokids.com. The company will now be known as Camino Kids, which features a comprehensive line of functional and practical clothes for children, along with quality shoes online.

Camino Kids’ strategic development involves a rebrand of the company. The new brand provides a unique opportunity to parents to take full advantage of premium quality apparel for kids and babies of all genders and sizes. Collaborating with the top clothing brands in the industry, Camino Kids is able to source the coolest kids fashion, shoes and accessories from around the globe.

“We started off as Romper Stomper Kids in 2015 that focuses on offering the best quality kids shoes online,” stated at the company’s Official Website. “People were continuously asking when we would introduce clothing ranges that’s why we came up with Camino Kids.” Over the last few years, the company has been on the journey of learning about what kids need. Therefore, they decided to expand their horizon and provide kids’ apparel that will meet their needs.

Camino Kids is newest source of state-of-the-art kids clothes online. It has all the latest kids fashion for all classy children. They are committed to delivering the best kids fashion, shoes and accessories that will fit the needs of their clients. Furthermore, they always feature products on sale on the website so that customers can easily access to amazing kids’ fashion at competitive pricing.

Customers can visit the new website to discover new services and products offered in the product suit of Camino Kids. The company rebranding initiative did not just focus on changing the name of the company and adding more offerings to its product lines. The process also includes a revamped online store that features streamlined product selections, a more intuitive and attractive storefront and responsive design. The website is also extremely user-friendly, allowing anyone to search for the product he/she needs without any hassle.

Safe and secure shopping is what the new brand ensures its customers and potential clients. It has detailed information on delivery and shipping, as well as clear and easy to understand Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to protect the identity and information of customers. They can also easily track their order so they can monitor their needed items.

In addition, Camino Kids has a dedicated customer service to answer customer enquiries and address their concerns. It covers a variety of topics and Frequently Asked Questions that are answered in clear and understandable manner. The refreshed website and brand of the company integrates a modern design approach, as well as engaging content to keep customers and potential clients informed. They are committed to offering the best brands for the best prices, outstanding customer service and high-quality products.

About Camino Kids

Camino Kids is a new brand that started off in 2015 as Romper Stomper Kids. It initially focuses on offering high-quality kids shoes online, until recently, it sought to reach more clients and provides them a more extensive product offering. This leads to the birth of Camino Kids that offers a complete suite of kids fashion, shoes and accessories. It is a popular kids fashion destination online that has all the coolest brands for kids in the market at great prices. The new store is also loaded with exceptional features and functionality that will make one’s shopping experience hassle-free, fun and enjoyable.


For inquiries, please contact us at 0401-060-361 or visit https://www.caminokids.com.