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SafeBox Mobile Privacy App Reaches Milestone of 50,000 Users

SafeBox, the company that brings privacy into the mobile space, continues its evolution reaching the milestone of 50,000 users to begin the month of June. In just two months since launching in April 2010, the company’s user base has risen from zero users to 50,000 users using their mobile privacy application SafeBox to send and receive private SMS, create a list of private contacts and store confidential notes.

Every second, millions of people, around the world, of all ages, social status, technical ability and languages, type passionately on their mobile phone, not realizing that those text messages do not automatically disappear, like oral conversations, but are openly stored on their mobile phone, for all their curious friends, nosy colleagues or jealous spouse to see.

Regularly, flirty text messages between celebrities or politicians, containing sexually explicit content, emerge in the gossip columns of newspapers and magazines

While mobile users are increasingly concerned about keeping their sensitive messages for their eyes only, text messages continue to be openly stored by the networks and the devices themselves offer no real protection of the privacy of a text message.

In fact, there are no PIN-protected folders or any particular encryption being used either, and while the importance given to text messages continues to grow with Court even beginning to accept SMS communications as evidence, so grows the concern of mobile users about keeping their text messages and contacts private.

The founders of Irish software company SafeBox Ltd. have looked into mobile privacy and have come up with an innovative answer.

SafeBox is a private SMS mobile application that allows its users to easily send and receive private SMS within a private circle of contacts. The entire content of the SafeBox is stored in a PIN-protected space of the phone, and is inaccessible to prying eyes without knowledge of the PIN.

“Having years of experience in mobile and online security, we have put together a strong team of experts and fellow entrepreneurs to really look into the privacy aspects in the mobile space and come up with a fresh answer.” Says Philippe Joly, CEO and co-founder of SafeBox Ltd. “We managed to create a strong value proposition with a mobile privacy app that is easy to use, accessible worldwide, in many languages and is supported by a wide range of devices.”

Since launching SafeBox, two months ago, the company has been successfully reaching to 50,000 mobile users in the consumer markets worldwide. The company is now also targeting financial institutions and Entreprises, where the growth in the usage of SMS for communicating with customers or between staff members brings with it the same growing mobile privacy concerns as it does in the consumer markets.

The company has recently announced its collaboration with leading provider TxtNation to extend its messaging platform and billing to the widest possible range of territories. It has also secured strategic distribution deals to extend its reach to a larger user base especially in Europe, Russia, the US, and Latin America.

Visit www.safebox.mobi for more details.