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Sales management success is not guesswork – results are measurable & manageable says Rob Macpherson

Success in sales doesn’t just happen – it occurs as the result of adherence to the sales management process that unfortunately is an underappreciated discipline and career calling said Robin (Rob) Macpherson. 


Rob has had a stellar sales management career with spectacular achievements over three decades in more than ten countries.    


The art of effective sales management starts by understanding that it’s an action role, not a position said Rob Macpherson. 


Far too many sales managers are unable to relate to the teams they manage as they fail to invest the time needed to understand each member as individuals with unique needs and very personal aspirations.


Furthermore, a successful team has a successful coach! 


Just as it’s true in sport, the same applies to sales i.e. the sales manager’s role is to be the coach for his/her team.  In doing so, their success is measured by guiding each member to a higher performance level.


Commenting further, Rob Macpherson said the activities of a sales team are measurable and manageable – and that’s the primary role coaching role of the sales manager.


Each individual member of a sales team has five basic functions and activities to perform.  These are – 1. Prospecting; 2. Approaching; 3. Selling; 4. Customer Service; and 5. Personal Goals & Plans     

These five key functions are then incorporated into the K.A.S.H. template which addresses the Knowledge Attitude Skill and Habit or each individual salesperson


Each task and activity is equally important as the other four.  The salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses are easily identified across the K.A.S.H. matrix. 


In fact, they have a cause-and-effect relationship that adversely impacts results if there is a deficiency in one or more of these functions said Rob Macpherson.


The starting point for an individual’s journey to sales success begins by establishing their personal goal. 


Once the aspiration has been determined and defined – the roadmap is created that documents the steps required by the salesperson to achieve his/her objective. 


This includes creating easy-to-follow plans to ensure consistency and progress by not only improving their sales skills (generating leads, closing sales, client service, etc.) but also effective time management and prioritization of activities and work flows.


In sales management, the underlying principle is ‘What Gets Measured…Gets Managed’, said Rob Macpherson. 


“By measuring and monitoring the numbers of each salesperson, they can be guided and coached to become more effective and successful”.


“The best sales managers understand that every salesperson is different and unique – and their role is to work with each individual to create a sales action plan that will assist them to set their personal goals and achieve those dreams”, concluded Rob Macpherson.





Issued by Rob Macpherson

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About Robin (Rob) Macpherson    


Rob was born in London and emigrated to Australia aged 18 in 1969 (alone) to seek his fame and fortune.  He joined the life assurance industry in 1973 and has worked as an agent, Unit Manager, Regional State Sales manager NSW. 


Over the course of his career, Rob has lived and worked in 10 countries and his Asia experience includes Chief Agency Officer in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, and most recently Cambodia.


As head of agency he has overseen sales forces ranging from 2,000 to 50,000. 


Following below is a brief summary of his career over the past two decades


MANULIFE ASIA     2012 – 2018


AVP / Distribution Support & Development (2017 – 2018)


AVP & CAO Cambodia (2016 – 2017)

This role initially required being part of the team that established the Manulife operation in Cambodia and set up of the agency force.

Following the establishment of Manulife Cambodia as AVP-CAO responsibilities included sales / agency force recruitment, training, development / administration and supervision of the senior sales managers.


Regional Assistant Vice President (AVP) based in Hong Kong

This role included responsibility as AVP & Chief Agency Officer (CAO) for Vietnam (2013- 2014) and later AVP & CAO for Thailand and Cambodia (2014-2016).  Both Vietnam & Thailand were established businesses whilst Cambodia was a start-up. 


In addition, the position included providing strategic advice and guidance in planning and implementing sales and agency sales.




Chief Agency Officer

Started up the new company and the operation was acknowledged as best start-up in Vietnamese insurance company ever exceeding sales target in excess of 300%.




National Sales Manager                           

Managed the agency sales force that consisted of over 6000 agents and sales managers, located in 56 offices nationally.


Over 3 years took market share from 1.5% to 8.2% and out-performed the industry.  New premium income increased 63% (2002 /2003), 6.5% (2004/2003),22% (2005/2004), in a market that has had negative new business growth in each of the above years.


As at June 2006 sales were up 17% (YOY), with the market down a collective 13% over the same period.


CHINA LIFE CMG     2001 – 2003


Chief Marketing Officer                                      

Responsibilities for Sales and Marketing including strategies in Shanghai China, recruiting/developing Sales Managers, sales training, etc




Regional Sales & Marketing Director, Southeast Asia            


COLONIAL (CMG)China Life     1998 – 1999


Consultant International Sales and Marketing