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SalesAtWork Offers Comprehensive TPM Data Management with Its PromotionsAtWork SaaS Application

Trade promotions management software vendor data management features of their offering

The heart of any trade spend promotions management solution is the way in which it manages and controls data. SalesAtWork is pleased to announce that their PromotionsAtWork offers the latest TPM Data management features. So what are these data management features that set PromotionsAtWork apart from the rest?

PromotionsAtWork provides the ability to create customised fields for accounts. Some of the items users can include are multiple addresses with geo-coding for each site, contact information for the locations, operating hours, the range of products, financial details, and billing information. Users can also develop their own account classification and channel system.

Accurate team data management is essential for a successful promotional campaign. PromotionsAtWork allows you to build teams and control access to sensitive data by the role they fill on the team. You can also delegate territories and accounts to a specific team. Management can also track the success of each promotions team.

PromotionsAtWork allows you to create customised profile of the brand owners that your business serves. Once you classify products by brands and categories, you can link products with specific accounts. This feature facilitates the creation of accurate budgets and forecasts by your company's finance team.

When you use PromotionsAtWork, you can also make profiles of your suppliers with the range of products they offer. To facilitate ordering, you can specify product codes the supplier uses.

Since incorrect pricing and discounts offers can ruin the profitability of a popular promotional campaign, the developers of the PromotionsAtWork SaaS program included the functionality to create price lists. Once these lists are created, you can link them with customers so your field representative can give accurate quotes every time. You can also establish the terms and conditions for discounts for both brands and each product.

PromotionsAtWork also makes it easy to calculate and report accurate gross margins with the entry of set up cost lists. Managers can monitor this financial data in real-time, so they can quickly make adjustments if needed.

With all the time-savings data management efficiencies included in the PromotionsAtWork TPM SaaS program, business that implement this system will have a favourable return on their investment.1

More information: www.salesatwork.com