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Salmat Launches New Small Business Online Marketing Portal

Sydney, 30 November 2010 - Salmat today launched its new online marketing portal that will revolutionise small business marketing in Australia. From January 2011 the online tool will provide small businesses with instant access to a suite of powerful and cost effective local marketing solutions - giving small businesses a big voice!

“Time poor small businesses can find local marketing a difficult and costly exercise often investing significant time and money in blanket advertising that reaches people far outside the relevant target market. Salmat is now making targeted local marketing an affordable reality for small businesses around Australia,” said Grant Harrod, Chief Executive Officer of Salmat.

Earlier this year Salmat invested in a national network of 15 local marketing branches – rebranding them the Local Direct Network - to create an infrastructure to begin servicing the small business market. The online portal will complete the offering. The portal provides small businesses with easy access to local area marketing solutions, when they want it and how they want it.

From January 2011, small businesses will be able to book local marketing campaigns at a time that is convenient to them, across both on and offline channels, at the click of a button. They can submit a design brief or utilise existing artwork, book a print quantity if required and map a letterbox distribution to specific areas they’d like to cover, and even extend their offer online through Lasoo.com.au - providing small businesses with a truly multichannel local marketing solution.

Over time Salmat will begin to introduce even more capabilities into the portal. Marketing channels such as SMS, email, promotions and direct mail are all being considered, as well as database acquisition and data analysis tools.

The portal is supported by Salmat’s extensive expertise in delivering targeted multichannel marketing and its national letterbox distribution network that provides reach to over six million Australian homes.

“Salmat is empowering small businesses by providing them with the tools to grow their business and achieve the best possible return on their marketing investment. Everything from service and access, to product and price has been addressed to ensure the channels facilitated through the portal are the most affordable and effective marketing solutions for small businesses.  Importantly, we are starting to give small businesses a big voice,” said Harrod.

About Salmat
Salmat is a unique Australian owned company. They are the experts in the provision of customer communications solutions. Through strategic use of different communications mediums, including voice and non-voice channels and other applied capabilities in the area of online technology, demographic insights and detailed data management, Salmat engages consumers in cost effective one to one communications on behalf of its clients.

For more information about the Salmat Group, please visit: www.salmat.com

Facts About Small to Medium Enterprises

SME Landscape
- Australian SMEs are typically classified as any business with 250 employees or less
- There are 1.2 million Australian SMEs - over 96% of all business
- They are Australia’s largest employer - 63% of all workers
- 33% of Gross Domestic Product
- The fastest growing industry sector

Source: www.sauce.com.au

SME Marketing
- 59% consider marketing to be an important issue
- 36% report it to be their key growth strategy
- 35% set a marketing budget of between $5,000 and $20,000
- 85% expect to spend the equivalent or more than last year on their website, brochures and marketing

Source: The Society for Executive Wisdom

Media contact
Josh Faulks
Head of Corporate Affairs, Salmat
+61 412 202 557, josh.faulks@salmat.com.au