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Sarah Cordiner Named in Huffington Post's Must Follow Female Entrepreneurs

Four years ago, Perth business dynamo Sarah Cordiner was homeless and broke. Late last week, she was named one of the 50 Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 in Huffington Post.

This recent win is hot on the heels of being named WA Telstra Business Woman of the year finalist last year.

Sarah has built a massive enterprise based on helping others succeed. Through her education and training organisation she has 5,000 students in more than 120 countries.

"My business is built on the foundations of helping others succeed - the very nature of education is about leaving people better than you found them and this is the core of everything I do,” she said.

“As part of this mission, less than 2 years ago I set myself a goal to educate 10,000 'edupreneurs’ by 2020.

“With four years to go until my deadline I'm already over halfway there.  The recognition I have received as one of Huffington Posts top 50 Female Entrepreneurs has encouraged me to scrap my goal ... and change it to 1 million by 2020."

Sarah believes her success has not come from a single moment of spectacular action.  “It has grown from the persistent effort of tiny shuffles forward -  even when it felt like the tide was pushing against me I just kept going in the hope that one day I would make a little ripple in this big ocean,” she said.

"We can often be 'cut down' for wanting recognition and success for what we do, even accused of being obnoxious or big headed.  But I knew that if I was going to make a difference and leave the world better than I found it, then I would HAVE to stand up and stand out for what I believe in - and that meant striving relentlessly for being known for what I do. 

“Despite having a dream to make it to a list like this, the utter shock when I found out this week completely blew me into knee-shaking, jaw-dropping shock.  However, the sense of pride that followed was palpable, as the very nature of what I do means that my success is directly proportionate to the number of people I have helped."

"When I found out my name was listed in one of the world's most prestigious publications, I knew that I had finally made that ripple - and that I'd done it by helping others succeed.  Hard work, dedication and absolute passion for your cause truly does pay off.... and now, I'm aiming to take my ripple and turn it into a wave".

Her road to where she is now has not been smooth sailing. Despite taking a massive hit when WA’s resources sector took a turn, Sarah knew she had a choice. 

“To fall with the local economy, or urgently redesign my business model and seek a global market.  And this meant going ONLINE,” she said.

“As a traditional, service-based (training and curriculum design) company; initially this seemed hard.  How can a service based business get ‘online’?  How can a single business owner, who had just lost their entire team, scale quickly into a global marketplace and even have a chance at competing?”

Enter the power of the internet.

Sarah has tapped into a platform she calls ‘edupreneurship’ – a way to educate the market in a profitable manner to scale a business, make a bigger impact, grow a global audience, create an income stream and initiate a funnel of leads into our primary products and services. 

“Edupreneurship is the secret to my success – and the secret that many of the world’s best entrepreneurs are now tapping into to get, and stay on top in their respective industries,” Sarah said.