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SAS Celebrates 20 Years of Internationally Recognised Industry Certification for Analytics Professionals

SAS program a valued source for employers seeking certified skills in an under-supplied market

Media Release. Sydney and Wellington: 15 April, 2019


This year marks 20 years since the introduction of the SAS Global Certification program. From 1999, more than 165,000 information technology professionals in 112 countries have qualified for internationally recognised SAS certification in business analytics and related skills.


Certification is achieved on completion of courses available from the SAS Global Certification program and these range widely from data engineering through business intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning. See below for details.


According to Ian Edwards – head of Academic Outreach at SAS Australia and New Zealand – workplace demand for such skills has never been higher and the pace of demand is fast increasing.


“As we say at SAS, ‘analytics is an essential part of the fourth industrial revolution’. And as organisations of every type and size increasingly acknowledge their data to be their most important asset, having the analytics skills that can best capitalise on that asset is critical.”


Recognising that SAS skills are keenly sought by employers, over 30 Australian and New Zealand universities teach with SAS analytics technologies and education materials as part of their degree courses.


Many of these courses give students the opportunity to qualify for either SAS Global Certification or joint Certification credentials, including those at: La Trobe University, UTS, Massey University, University of South Australia, James Cook University, University of Queensland, Swinburne University, UNSW, Auckland University of Technology and Melbourne Business School.


Ian Edwards points out that the benefits of SAS Certification extend long beyond satisfactory completion of a course and employment in, or promotion to, a data scientist role. “All our SAS graduates are listed in the SAS Certified Professionals Directory. This is a public registry which is accessed by organisations and recruitment agencies seeking to fill high-paying analytics jobs in a market where demand significantly outstrips supply.”


SAS courses for roles for Certification include the following:

o             Data Scientist

o             Advanced Analytics Professional

o             Predictive Modeller

o             Statistical Business Analyst

o             Machine Learning Specialist

o             Visual Business Analyst Modeller

o             Business Intelligence content Developer

o             Big Data Professional

o             Data Quality Steward


For further details, see “Credentials” under SAS Global Certification


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