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SGI's new Linux servers and superclustersz shatter scalability and performance records

SGI Altix 3000 Family Blends Supercomputing Architecture with Standards-Based Environment

SGI (NYSE: SGI) today announced the availability of the SGI(r) Altix(tm) 3000 family of servers and superclusters, a remarkable leap forward for scientists, engineers and other users of advanced technical computing systems. SGI Altix 3000 systems combine SGI's supercomputing architecture with Intel(r) Itanium(r) 2 processors and the Linux(r) operating system, shattering scalability and performance records.

For users in physical and life sciences, manufacturing, oil and gas, and government and defense markets, SGI Altix 3000 superclusters offer stunning scalability and performance increases over traditional Linux-based clusters and UNIX(r) OS-based servers. Each node runs a single Linux operating system image with up to 64 Itanium 2 processors and 512GB of memory. With multiple nodes using the SGI built-in cluster interconnect, data is transmitted up to 200 times faster than with conventional clustering methods, enabling SGI Altix 3000 to scale to hundreds and eventually thousands of processors.

"Only SGI is 100 per cent focused on meeting the demands of technical and creative professionals," said Bob Bishop, president and CEO, SGI. "This requires unique understanding and methodologies. Repurposed e-commerce machines disappoint in this market."