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Shane Heal cleared by police of any wrongdoing after malicious rumour campaign

August 8, 2016 - Former Australian basketball star Shane Heal has emotionally lashed out at "faceless and malicious liars" who anonymously threatened to destroy his personal reputation and stellar sporting career. Earlier this year the four-time Olympic basketballer and professional coach was the subject of unsourced allegations that he had been involved in match fixing, sparking a wide ranging Queensland police investigation into the affair.
But Mr Heal's high-profile lawyer Chris Nyst announced today the Queensland Police Service had confirmed its wide ranging six-month investigation has now been officially closed.
"From the outset, there was absolutely nothing in these allegations, and thankfully Mr Heal has now been finally cleared of any wrongdoing whatsoever," Mr Nyst said today. "As you would expect, the QPS thoroughly investigated every aspect of the claims, and they advised us yesterday their investigations are at an end, with no charges to be laid against Mr Heal or anybody else.”
“It's just a dreadful shame police time has been wasted and Mr Heal has been put through the anguish and embarrassment he has."
Mr Heal said while he was pleased to hear the result of the investigation, he is at a loss as to who made the allegations, or why they were given any credence at all.
“It's unbelievable that someone can just say something outrageous like this about you without even the slightest bit of truth to it," Mr Heal said. "Suddenly a shadow is thrown over your reputation, your work, your family, your whole life, for no reason whatsoever. I’m absolutely 100% innocent of any of this, and yet these faceless and malicious liars have been allowed to completely trash my reputation and turn my life completely upside down. I can't believe it."
Since retiring from basketball Mr Heal, who played two seasons in the NBA, won an NBL championship with the Sydney Kings in 2003, and captained the Australian Boomers Basketball team at his 4th Olympics in Athens 2004, has built a successful career as a coach and commentator. But publicity around the launch of the police investigation earlier this year put his new career on hold.
“My integrity was suddenly being put in question, without the slightest skerrick of evidence. And after all my association with the sport over all those years Basketball Australia did nothing to protect me, in fact quite the opposite. This has been deeply disappointing to me and to my family. I'm just glad it's finally over.” 

"Now that I have been officially cleared, I will look at what options are available to me to within our legal system to keep anyone accountable that has made, amplified or by their actions in anyway legitimised these false accusations that have tarnished my reputation."