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Sheds4Less Releases Third Video in Garden Shed Building Series

Practical Tips to Help Garden Shed Builders, Now Online

Melbourne — August 18, 2012 — Today Sheds4Less released the third video in the garden shed building series. Titled Garden Shed Building Tips, it is designed to make building garden sheds easier.

Alex Cochran, founder of Sheds4Less said;

“We were really surprised at the feedback that we received about our first two videos that dealt with building permits and approvals for garden sheds. Obviously there are a lot of people searching for information. It’s often hard to find this sort of information in one place and explained in everyday language. The response really motivated us to take the shed building video series one step further.

Over the years our team has designed and built hundreds of garden sheds for some of the major makers and retailers here in Australia. We have an enormous amount of knowledge locked away in people’s heads. The internet video format allows us to get this knowledge distributed very cost effectively and after all that is what our business is about, making the building of garden sheds easier and even fun".

It’s not always in the manual.

Cochran went on to say that it is not building skills that make the difference between making a garden shed build a fun job or a chore.

“It really comes down to preparation; almost anyone can build a garden shed. If you have assembled flat pack furniture, like the stuff you get from Ikea, then building a shed is a cinch. We are not going to tell you how to use a screwdriver or rivet gun, the real difference comes about by the way you approach the job and a little bit of pre-preparation before the day. Over the years we have learnt what really makes a difference. Our Garden Shed Building Tips video only goes for about 7 minutes, but it can literally save you hours of frustration."

Leveraging the Internet in the Physical World

Cochran said that when Sheds4Less realized that the Internet could change the way garden sheds were sold in Australia, they were only thinking about designing a company that leveraged the advantages that a pure online retailer had over a physical store, things like low cost distribution and a reach that went further than any one bricks and mortar store could offer.

“We never anticipated the advantages that the internet and a pure online company could gain in delivering really valuable information directly to customers. In the past manufacturers had to rely on retailers to do this job. You never really knew if your message was getting to the right people at the right time. Now we are in control and can ensure that valuable information and education can get through without being filtered. This is a real breath of fresh air and it really makes a difference, at least that is what our customers are saying.”

He went on to say that Sheds4Less had plans for more videos in the series, and it would be up to customer response to determine what the next video would cover.

“We’re no Steven Spielberg and our production values will never rival Hollywood, but we do get the message out that our customer want to hear.”

About Sheds4Less

Founded in 2012, Sheds4Less is a pure online garden shed retailer that has developed products and systems to make buying, erecting or installing a garden shed cheaper and easier.


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