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SLI-Consulting announces mid-tier open system network storage solution with highest density in its class

SLI-Consulting Pty Ltd, a wholly Australian-owned data storage specialist announces the release of a new data storage product designed for the demands of todays data intensive application.
The new StorageNetwork X24 sets a new standard for midrange Fibre-to-Fibre storage solutions. With four back-end loops and exceptional read/write levels, this subsystem is an ideal solution for high bandwidth applications such as video streaming, medical imaging and high performance computing. The SN-1600-X24 delivers sustained sequential data transfer rates of 690 MB per second, and can support a capacity of over 35 terabytes of RAID storage.
According to SLI-Consultings Principal IT&T Consultant, Jose Goldmann, the product offers excellent investment value. The StorageNetwork X24 offers storage at less than US$ 10 per GigaByte. This effectively breaks the magical barrier of 1 cent per MegaByte an excellent value proposition.
The StorageNetwork X24 is both robust and flexible. Support for dual active redundant configurations, synchronised cache communications and 72-hour battery backup deliver maximum availability and system security. In addition, redundant hot-swappable power supplies, cooling systems and disk drives further enhance system reliability and uptime.
The arrays modular architecture allows for cost-effective scalability and flexible configuration options. Four independent Fibre Channel host ports are configurable to ensure redundant access to all drives.
The StorageNetwork X24 is easy to configure and manage. The products platform-independent Storage Array Manager (SAM), a Java-based system management and configuration tool, allows for both in band and out-of-band management of storage subsystems. SAM supports a wide variety of configuration options and is compatible with any Java-based web browser and supports all major operating systems. Continuous runtime monitors use graphical presentations for at a glance status reporting, and displays can be customised to suit the customers environment.
The StorageNetwork X24 supports 16 hot-swappable disk drives in just three standard EIA units of rack space, providing industry-leading capacity in this form factor.
Designed with hot-swappable data path logic, power supplies and cooling modules, this fully redundant array is designed to meet the demands of 24/7 operation.
The StorageNetwork X24 features 3U, quad 2 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) host ports, dual fully redundant fibre channel RAID controllers with 16 drives, which is scalable to a maximum 35 TB through 240 drives. It also features a sustained sequential read throughput in access of 690 MB per second.
The StorageNetwork X24 can be branded according to customer requirements. Customisation services are available for drive carrier and chassis bezel plastics.
The StorageNetwork X24 is available from SLI-Consulting.
Interested SIs, VARs and OEMs within the Australasian marketplace are invited to contact SLI-Consulting directly on +61 2 9874 0033 or partner@sli.consulting.com
About SLI-Consulting Pty Ltd
Founded in 1996, SLI-Consulting is a dedicated data storage consultancy that addresses all platform, service and management issues. The company is a private, 100% Australian owned company, with OEM relationships in Europe, Asia and North America. SLI-Consultings growing client base, which spans Japan and Germany, is focused on the Asia Pacific, with a subsidiary office in Korea.