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Social Media Marketing & Online PR Support for Australian SMEs

New Online PR firm Cloud Public Relations sets out to help Australian SMEs conquer the online space

Australia’s small businesses and not-for-profits no longer have to face the social media challenge alone, with the help of new online public relations firm Cloud Public Relations.

Established in mid-2011 by online marketing expert Sonja Bertrand, Cloud Public Relations continues where traditional public relations leaves off. Cloud PR understands the web and can help businesses integrate their online and offline business, so they are not missing out on a single opportunity.

“Although many companies have begun to acknowledge the power of social media for business, a lot of SMEs are still finding it hard to take the leap from traditional marketing to online public relations and social media marketing,” says Cloud PR owner Sonja Bertrand.

That’s where an online PR firm comes in. Cloud Public Relations has the time, resources and experience to help businesses become part of the online community and improve their relationship with their customers through interaction, providing relevant and quality content, engaging in conversation and enriching the customer experience.

Cloud PR offers businesses a comprehensive array of services, from online press releases, to web copy, content production and social media marketing strategy.

The firm’s clients are diverse and range from SMEs and internet marketers to health providers and not-for-profits.

“We combine an innate understanding of social media with a passion for digital communication to get the best outcomes for our clients,” says Sonja.

To find out more about how Cloud Public Relations can help your business, visit www.cloudpublicrelations.com.au