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Softlink Oliver and Liberty v5 already RDA compliant

The highly scalable Oliver and Liberty v5 provide full compliance with the new cataloguing standard Resource Description and Access (RDA) said Chief Operating Officer Nathan Godfrey today.

The RDA standard replaces the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2) as the preferred cataloguing standard.

Nathan said RDA was designed for the digital world and enabled information centres to make discovery and identification of resources more convenient for users.  

“RDA helps make discovery of resources easier for users across various formats such as print, digital, audio, large print and more,” he said.  

“The power of the new standard comes from the ability to group bibliographic records and data.  This assists users to find items across diverse formats, editions, adaptations and translated versions as well as pinpoint other works by the same author.

“As a leading provider of knowledge performance systems, Softlink continues to develop solutions to meet the changing needs of delivery and discovery of resources.”

Softlink Product Developer Dion Dias said during the transition to RDA, it was likely that most libraries would require both AACR2 and RDA records within the one management environment.

“To ensure consistency and coherency of content Softlink solutions will support both record standards simultaneously.  Oliver, Liberty and Alice users will automatically be able to import and export MARC21 records using the new standards or AACR2 as required,” Dion said.

Softlink’s Oliver and Liberty v5 and Alice v7 solutions currently provide RDA as standard. 

Nathan said RDA highlighted Softlink’s commitment to the continual development of its leading solutions to ensure user compliance with emerging industry trends.   

About Softlink

Softlink is a world-leading developer of knowledge, content, library management solutions, supporting more than 10,000 corporate, education, government and public organisations and libraries across 108 countries.

Softlink’s leading solutions Oliver and Liberty are integration and functionally rich, fully customisable platforms for digital and physical knowledge asset management, discovery and delivery.  Softlink is based in United Kingdom, America, Australia and New Zealand.  For more information on Softlink please visit www.softlinkint.com

For more information on the RDA changes, visit Libraries Australia:  http://www.nla.gov.au/librariesaustralia/update-on-rda-changes-in-libraries-australia-cataloguing-and-search-databases/