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Sparkle Receives a Glimmer of Hope

By Melissa Coleman

According to Animal Medicines Australia (2019) Pet Ownership survey, Australian’s have one of the

highest pet ownership rates in the world with more than 29 million animals living in over 60% of the

nation’s households.

Dogs continue to be Australia’s most popular pets, with a staggering 5.1 million fur babies residing in


The research survey concluded that pet owners mimic traditional parent-child relationships in word

and deed. Around half of all dog and cat owners allow their pets to share their beds, talk to them like

humans, give them boy or girl names, and more than 25% take their pets on holidays or road trips.

But despite these loving sentiments, there is a down side to pet ownership.

There is growing interest in connection with domestic violence and pet abuse in Australia.

Jodie Myintoo CEO of Glimmer Pets, a charity which offers temporary accommodation for pets in

domestic violence, separation and divorce situations said pets are part of a family.

“They, sadly like children, do not choose their situation. We want to support these animals that are

in crisis and need temporary accommodation,” she said.

As passionate animal lovers Glimmer Pets was able to help rescue a Staffy-cross from an abusive

home recently.

“We want to bring a glimmer of hope to our four-legged friends as well as help where we can to

support the complex issue of domestic violence in Victoria and all-around Australia.”

The Staffy who we will name Sparkle was “awfully abused”.

Dog Groomer Marcelo Rendich from Blue Wheelers in Langwarrin received a phone call from

Glimmer Pets.

“Jodie wanted to know if I was available to help the rescue dogs, in particular Sparkle.”

“Sparkle’s story resonated deep within in me, to hear about a dog being so mistreated, I wanted to

provide some pampering for her.”

As a dog groomer, my first priority is the mental welfare of the dog.”

Marcelo attended the foster home Sparkle was staying at, eager to meet her and help her feel at


“She was timid and showed no sign of aggression. There was so much sadness in her eyes to begin

with but by the end she was happy. The first thing she did after the grooming was lay in the sun. It

made my day.”

Sparkle enjoyed a hydrobath with herbal shampoo, a manicure and pedicure, had her ears and eyes

cleaned and a relaxing massage.

“She loved the hydrobath the most. Having a calm and relaxed dog not only makes the hydrobath

and grooming a wonderful experience but it also develops a strong bond. I exfoliated her skin and

gave it a good deep cleansing. It hit all her hot spots. She looked so content,” Marcelo said.

“She was a pleasure to groom and wash.”


Sweet-natured Sparkle is being cared for in a foster home while she waits to return to her original

family when they are in a better situation.

Jodie Myintoo CEO of Glimmer Pets said in Victoria we have no crisis support for pets.

“We’re passionate about trying to remove the heartache and save a pet and owner. Both need each


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