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Steath GPS Tracking Beats The Crooks

Realtime GPS Tracking On Demand - Ready when you are

Myionu Launch OnDemand

On Demand from Myionu has been developed to meet the needs of fleet rental operators who want to deploy GPS tracking but can’t justify paying service fees ‘just in case’ they may need it.

Whilst most operators are happy pay for hardware, the regular service fees are a real deal breaker. Myionu OnDemand provides fleet operators with a high quality GPS Tracking module that can remain dormant until needed.

Fees are only charged when the module is enabled. Operators will pay a small activation fee and then a daily fee (which provides real-time tracking via our web based portal with regular updates as frequently as every 10 seconds). The fleet operator can de-activate the module when tracking is no longer required, putting it into a dormant state ready for reactivation if (and when) needed.