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Steps to Building a Concrete Skate Ramp

How to Build a Skateboard Ramp

Concrete skate ramps are preferred by most skaters because rain, wind, and time may deteriorate other materials but a concrete ramp will stay the same and give the best flip tricks, kickbacks, and more.

Australia can get very hot and high heat can depreciate your ramp. A Concrete ramp provides a lot of stability and mobility with the added advantage of lasting forever. 

So if you want to make a concrete skate ramp for yourself, here are the steps you should follow-

Step 1.Decide what type of concrete skate ramp you want?

Choose your preferred type of ramp. Decide on the slope, shape, etc. Measure the dimension well as they will tell you how much concrete is needed.

Step 2. Choose the ground and clear

Decide where you want to build the ramp and clear that area. 

Step 3. Buy good quality concrete and start the building process

  • Buy concrete material that is of good quality and also within your budget. After this, you can begin the building process.

  • Dig the foundation area 6 inches deep and use four-inch layer of gravel to fi the depression

  • Use wood to make concrete forms, cut them from the side, and tighten with wooden screws

  • Put the forms in place and pour in high-quality concrete with a cement mixer.

  • Use water to dampen the cement then wrap it in the builder’s plastic. Remove the plastic after drying 

  • Dampen the cement again and re-wrap. Report this for 28 days

  • After 28 days remove the wooden screws from molds and you are ready to skate.

While some can maneuver their way around construction, others are skilled in it and even others completely fail at it. Construction is a tricky business and needs to be done with precision to ensure safety and stability.

So if you feel that you can’t quite construct a concrete ramp yourself or don’t have the time for it, you can choose the services of professionals. 


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Sk8scapes shall make the skatepark of your dreams, whether it’s a concrete one, an indoor-style ramp, or even a steel ramp. With years of experience in making skateparks and ramps, they will provide only the best.