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SureWeld Sets the Benchmark for Aluminum Loading Ramps, Walk Boards

SureWeld Pty LTD is a leading Australian aluminium ramps and aluminium trailer manufacturer. SureWeld was established in 1976 and is based in Victoria servicing the whole of Australia.

Whether it’s a lawn mower, excavation equipment or hand deliveries, individuals need ramps and walk boards that are strong and durable. SureWeld is Australia’s premiere provider of aluminum ramps for loading and unloading an extensive range of machinery, products and personal possessions.

SureWeld owner, Mitchell Hansen, understands the needs of clients and offers pre-built and custom made aluminum loading ramps, walk boards, and plant trailers for an extensive array of uses. The designs have been tested and certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities for safe, practical, and reliable service.

Aluminium loading ramps are used in multiple industries ranging from agriculture and construction to domestic machinery. The metal is lightweight for easy maneuverability, storage, and strength. Aluminum also offers greater affordability and won’t rust. SureWeld offers an extensive range of loading ramps encompassing its series of ramps specifically designed for ATVs, mowers, equipment with metal tracks, and those with rubber tires.

The company also offers a specialised range of loading ramps designed for use with all surface loader rubber tracks. SureWeld can custom build loading ramps to accommodate individual needs. Aluminum loading ramps can be created for non-standard track widths, lengths, and hinge connections while maintaining strength requirements. It’s an affordable option for industries encompassing agriculture, automotive, body building, and recreation.

When manual loading and unloading is required, SureWeld aluminum walk boards provide an efficient and effective means of transferring products. The walk boards are available in a broad range of styles that includes low profile sides, lengths and widths to accommodate the most common size of truck chassis. The company’s walk boards are the preferred solution across multiple industries ranging from equipment and delivery hires to emergency response vehicles and is equally applicable for trolley work and areas of foot traffic.

SureWeld has earned a reputation for manufacturing affordable and highly-durable aluminum loading ramps and aluminum walk boards for use across a broad spectrum of industries. The company’s products are setting the benchmark for loading and unloading everything from recreational vehicles, machinery and equipment, and hand-deliverable goods in a multitude of environments.

About SureWeld

Since 1976, beginning as a small welding and fabrication business, SureWeld has grown to become the recognised benchmark in aluminum loading ramps and aluminum plant trailers. The company employs qualified engineers and sophisticated technology in the design of its products, with test results that surpass expectations.

Media Contact
Mitchell Hansen – Owner
Phone: 1800 787 005
Email: sales@sureweld.com.au
15 Shanley St., Wangaratta VIC 3677