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SWI Fencing – Australia's Premier Source for Industrial Fencing

With 25 year of experience and know-how Southern Wire Industrial Fencing has emerged as one of the leaders in manufacturing, supplying and installation of security fencing in Western Australia.

At Southern Wire Industrial Fencing, we pride ourselves on being one of a small handful of fencing companies that provide all services in-house.  At SWI Fencing, we handle everything from the initial design of your fencing project through to the very end with the installation of our palisade fencing.  We even fabricate the fencing required in our own facility.  This gives us the ability to oversee absolutely everything involved in the process so that we can absolutely guarantee the quality of our work.

Southern Wire Industrial Fencing was established in 1993 so we have had fifteen blessed years to build and develop the most superior products and installation teams in the industry.  Also, due to our extensive in-house equipment and machinery, we can handle all of Western Australia's weldmesh fencing projects, large or small.

At SWI Fencing, we fabricate a full line of fencing products.  Here is a look at some of the products that we offer:

Garrison or Palisade Fencing:  Our garrison and palisade fencing are a series of vertical posts placed close together, some with decorative tips, that are backed by metal horizontal bars for support.   Our palisade fencing makes a very attractive and secure addition to any building or location.  Our garrison and palisade fencing product lines come with easy to use and easy to secure gates that increase the security anywhere they are installed.

Weldmesh Fencing:  Our weldmesh fencing may appear somewhat similar to traditional chainmesh fencing however, weldmesh fencing is somewhat more secure because of the way it is built.  The mesh in weldmesh fencing is much smaller which means it is harder to squeeze through and it takes a lot longer to cut through making it a very secure fencing option.  In fact, one of our proudest achievements was the installation of weldmesh fencing around Hakea Prison in Canning Vale, WA. 

Chainmesh Fencing:  Our chainmesh fencing is probably one of our most popular products.  Chainmesh fencing is really all the security that most people need for their fencing projects – just something to keep pets and children in the yard, so to speak.  Even so, the teams at Southern Wire Industrial Fencing will be glad to design chainmesh fencing that is high security if that is what you need.

Keep in mind also that SWI Fencing can fabricate all of your fencing with the finish of your choice!

About Southern Wire Industrial Fencing

Established in 1993, Southern Wire Industrial Fencing is widely recognised as a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of security fencing western Australia. We excel in offering a complete turn-key service for all fencing required within the project. With over 20 professional installation teams and an extensive range of on-site machinery, we are able to handle any size project.

Our modern manufacturing facility in Bassendean WA gives us the ability to meet your project requirements and time frames. Our complete in-house services allow us to carefully manage the entire process from raw materials to manufacture, finish treatment and delivery. We guarantee fabrication of all garrison fencing, weldmesh fencing products to strict industry standards.

Contact Details
Southern Wire Industrial Fencing
5 Yelland Way
Bassendean WA 6054
(08) 6477 1930
Email - office@swifencing.com.au
Website - swifencing.com.au