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Sydney SME Chiefs no longer lonely at the top

Avoid isolation if you want to keep your business at the top of its game.

Running your own business can be lonely. As the person who everyone sees as having to have all of the answers all of the time, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed and isolated. However, participation in peer group mentoring programs can help you avoid isolation and can keep you and your business at the top of the game.

Sydney-based peer mentoring and coaching membership organisation, The Executive Connection (TEC), provides a confidential forum for business leaders to gain the support needed to give their businesses the edge. Members participate in monthly peer think-tanks, one-to-one business coaching sessions, and regular speaker workshops in an effort to harness the knowledge and experience of their ‘TEC group’ to outperform their competitors.

Lynora Brooke chairs a group of SME chief executives who are committed to having a strong strategic vision, building great teams around them, and have a passion for continuous learning. She says “TEC is not a hospital, it’s a gym. It’s where CEOs go to grow, outperform their competitors, and learn how to live a more balanced and effective life.”

Lynora believes that TEC is a fully integrated program where serious business leaders need to be open to learning from the experience of their peers, gaining fresh insights from expert speakers, and see the benefit in being held accountable and focused by a skilled executive business mentor.”

TEC is an experience and is best understood when meeting the people who are involved in bringing that experience to life. Events showcasing the various elements of TEC are being held in Sydney and around Australia throughout the year; with individual TEC groups meeting each month, giving CEOs the vital time needed to work on the business, rather than in the business.

Lynora, along with three other Sydney TEC Chairs, is hosting a lunch for business owners and chief executives on Tuesday 10 May 2011 in Sydney. Guests will have the opportunity to network with other like-minded leaders and directly experience the benefits members receive from a TEC group meeting. Places are limited, so please email Ruth Power to reserve your place.

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About TEC


TEC is the Australian affiliate of Vistage International, Inc. with more than 14,500 members in 16 countries worldwide. As part of the world’s leading Chief Executive Organisation, TEC has been increasing the effectiveness of CEOs in Australia since 1986. The core TEC program has three key components: a monthly peer group session where members from different industries share information and successful strategies about challenging issues, a monthly presentation by a highly trained expert in a relevant area, and a monthly one-to-one coaching session with an experienced ex-CEO who leads the group.