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Synchrony Launches Series of SyncTalks Across Asia-Pacific

Talks Will Provide Look at Innovation in all Aspects of Human Capital Management

SYDNEY, February 14, 2017 — Synchrony Global is holding a series of “SyncTalks” to be held throughout the year to promote cloud-based solutions to human capital issues that companies face today. These talks will be held across APAC, providing thought leadership and discuss innovation in all aspects of HCM. The aim of these talks is to encourage collaboration amongst organisations who are keen to focus on their most important asset, their people, and promote cloud technology as a soltution to the issues facing the modern, global workforce.

The first SyncTalk will be held in Sydney on February 28 and focus on engagement and adoption of digital HR tools and innovative tools like WalkMe, one of the fastest growing technology companies globally. The agenda will include a panel discussion on the business case requirements around technology.

As early adopters of cloud technology, organisations may be leaders in their respective industries but still face issues when it comes to their own employees engagement with new technology. The Sydney SyncTalk will look at how to drive employee engagement and user adoption in the cloud, using innovative products made specifically for the cloud like WalkMe, the first Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that simplifies user experience and drives user action using insights, engagement and guidance capabilities.

Synchrony Global and WalkMe are having tremendous success improving employee engagement and employee productivity while lowering training and support costs. WalkMe and Synchrony Global also streamline and accelerate other critical employee interactions like new employee onboarding and time to mastery. By replacing training with WalkMe tools, users reduce mistakes and support requests, and adopt programs and processes faster.

“We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and accelerate the process of user adoption for the HCM solutions we provide to our clients. With our partnership with WalkMe, it is now possible to accelerate user training and ensure higher adoptability.”, said Synchrony Global CEO Darcy Mark Lalonde. “Synchrony Global’s proven transformation services enable clients to effectively implement their chosen technology.  And now with the addition of WalkMe’s technology, change and training is made easier and more engaging.”

Synchrony Global is a leading provider of innovative and transformational HR solutions and services to over 50 local, regional and global organisations across the world. The company was awarded SAP Partner of the Year for SuccessFactors in APJ in 2017.


Sydney SyncTalk 
For more information on the upcoming talk in Sydney, please contact Flo Porter or visit: synchronyglobal.com/walk-me 

About Synchrony Global
Synchrony Global is the trusted partner of choice for all aspects of HCM services and solutions, optimising HR delivery through innovative technology and robust high quality operational cloud services. Its service delivery framework caters for the entire employee lifecycle from attract to hire to retire.

Synchrony Global is headquartered in Singapore, with a global delivery centre in Manila, and offices in Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. www.synchronyglobal.com