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take-away coffee to drive take-up of mobile ordering and payment

mHITs Australia uses coffee to drive take-up of mobile ordering and payment of its SMS mobile wallet

Canberra: 14 March 2012

mHITs (pronounced Em-HITS), a pioneering developer and operator of mobile payment services, will be demonstrating its Q-Jumper SMS mobile ordering and payment solution at the CafeBiz 2012 trade exhibition in Sydney Australia on 18 -19 March 2012. In Australia, mHITs operates the mHITs mobile wallet that allows users to send and receive payments via SMS text message. The mHITs service also supports retail Point Of Sale mobile ordering and payment via it’s Q-Jumper solution targeted specifically at the retail food and beverage industry.

“Take-away coffee represents an ideal product for the mHITs service because it satisfies a number of key drivers necessary for the take-up of a mobile payment service” said mHITs CEO Harold Dimpel. “This includes the fact that take-away coffee is a recurring purchase made from the same venue, by the same person, sometimes several times a day” he continues. “The fact also that at busy times, throughput of orders can be limited by how many orders staff can manage over-the-counter, means that Q-Jumper has a strong commercial benefit as it enables cost savings, process automation and efficiency improvement for busy venues.” he concludes.

Take-up of any new payment service and technology needs to be driven by factors such as need, convenience and benefit for consumers. As a recurring beverage transaction that satisfies these criteria, take-away coffee is well placed to drive the take-up of new mobile payment services such as mHITs. According to Datamonitor, by 2013 the size of the hot drinks product market in Australia alone is expected to be around $AU 1.4Bn. For more information on mHITs and the Q-Jumper mobile ordering and payment solution see www.mhits.com.au/merchants-coffee.

about Q-Jumper mobile ordering and payment

Q-Jumper is a mobile ordering and payment solution provided by the mHITs SMS mobile wallet in Australia. It allows customers to order and pay for food and beverage items by SMS such as take-away coffee ahead of arrival at a venue or cafe and also allows cafes and venues with set menu items to dramatically improve and simplify the ordering and payment process. For more information on the mHITs Q-Jumper solution see www.mhits.com.au/q-jumper.

about CafeBiz 2012

Now in it’s 10th year, Cafe Biz is the Australian cafe industry’s premier annual exhibition. It is the largest cafe event in the southern hemisphere and focuses on education, innovation, and support for the Australian Cafe industry.

The event will be held at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney Australia on the 18-19 March 2012. mHITs will be exhibiting at stand number 88 and providing visitors with the ability first hand to both order and pay for coffee by SMS directly at the stand using the mHITs mobile wallet. For more information see www.cafebiz.net.

about mHITs

mHITs (pronounced Em-HITS) is an Australian based developer and operator of mobile payment services. In Australia, mHITs operates the mHITs SMS payment service that allows consumers to send and receive payments by SMS text message.

For retail transactions, mHITs allows consumers to pay for coffee or other food and beverage items using their mobile phone simply by sending an SMS. Consumers can also use the mHITs service to pre- order their items before arrival at a venue, meaning less queuing and waiting and faster service. mHITs is also an ideal payment method for purchase of mobile content, MP3 and other electronic and digital downloads, or for making purchases for goods and services from Internet websites. Other applications include cashless vending, web based micro-billing, parking, taxi fare payment, charity donations and cash back offers. For more details of the mHITs Australian SMS payment service visit www.mhits.com.au.

mHITs technology in emerging markets for the unbanked

As well as operating an SMS payment service in Australia, mHITs is also working in emerging markets in the design, deployment and operation of mobile payment solutions for the so called “unbanked” (people who do not have access to traditional banking services). Use of the mobile phone as a payment device is acknowledged as a logical payment solution for the unbanked as people in developing countries often lack the formal identity requirements that traditional banking services require such as a birth certificate, formal address or regular employment or income. The lack of bank branches, limited number of ATM’s, limited access to the Internet and the general low level of financial literacy in developing countries are contrasted by the large-scale uptake of mobile phones in these same markets. For more details visit www.mhitslimited.com.


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