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Great Ocean Road Tours | Small Business News

Hugely Popular Independent Operator Maintaining His Momentum

A Great Ocean Road tour is an iconic staple for many international travellers coming to Australia and for many years the dominant country of origin of these independent travellers visiting the region came from Europe, most notably Germany and Great Britain.

Over the years as the tourism market has shifted to cater to the needs of a rising middle class in China, the landmark strip has seen a steady rise in Chinese tourists YOY, who traditionally prefer to avoid the backpacker styled accommodation and tourism providers, however  making an exception for one operator, Ride Tours.

Todd Baker who owns Ride Tours has for many years prided himself in providing a truly unique experience, with one of the hallmarks of his trip being that they do the tour in the opposite direction to all the other major tour companies. Being a small independent provider as well has meant he can focus on providing an experience that is more client centric and this is evident in the way people communicate with each other on the tour, choose their own music, stop off for picnics along the way and see a side of the Great Ocean Road that is both memorable and authentic.

Ride Tours is also one of the few independent providers largely favoured by both Chinese and Europeans alike, and with no marketing presence in China markets Todd believes the Chinese tourists are a result of a solid reputation earning him credit in that market. A sentiment which echo'd in Courier mail article which highlight Ride Tours achievements in maintaining a steady flow of backpacker clientele over the years.

Weekend tours have just started again for November and if you're interested in knowing more about Ride Tour's plans to further enrich their backpacker centric experience for international travellers coming to Australia please head over to www.ridetours.com.au for more.