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The ‘super gear’ helping Cleary get to Origin III

Bauerfeind Australia, the official compression and supports supplier to the NSW Blues this State of Origin rushed out to Penrith last Thursday to fit Nathan Cleary with their German medical-grade ‘super gear’, adding a dimension to help speed up Cleary’s recovery program to help give him every chance possible for Origin III.

Walid Yassine from Bauerfeind Australia fit Cleary with a medical grade ‘combination ankle kit’ in a bid to get him to Sydney on July 10. He started by stabilising the injury so he can train without further risk, then added a compression sock to minimise swelling before Cleary will finally transition to a three-in-one support to add further stability so he can train in the lead-up to the game as well as potentially play with full supports in place (see below detailed description of the Bauerfeind combination ankle kit).

All products fitted were based on Bauerfeind’s state-of-the-art Bodytronic 600® 3D scan Cleary undertook to ensure perfect fit (see image attached).

Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler said the players wore the Bauerfeind compression garments on the plane to and from Perth for Game Two, as well as during and post training and others during the match. “In elite sport, it is all about the one per-centers so we were very keen to embrace the use of the Bauerfeind compression garments because they are considered the best products in the world,” Fittler said.
“The players were really happy with them and wore them regularly on and off the field,” he said.
Says Walid Yassine, “Our products are leading-edge, we are the official supplier to the Olympic Games and pro-athletes such as the NBA’s Dirk Nowitzki attributes a very long career because of our compression and supports that speed up recovery and enhances performance. It’s truly ‘super gear’ that Cleary – and the rest of the team - is wearing which is having a huge impact in their game overall and with Cleary’s recovery.”
ABOUT THE COMBINATION ANKLE KIT by Walid Yassine, Managing Director of Bauerfeind
The MalleoLoc® was used to laterally stabilise Cleary’s ankle. A moon boot is great to stabilise an injury however it also deactivates several perfectly fine other muscles, so as soon as it is safe to do so it is best to get out of the moot boot and start restrengthening. The MalleoLoc® can laterally stabilise Cleary’s ankle specifically whilst enabling him to start running/loading the ankle with minimised risk of any further lateral injury. Essentially the sooner one is out of a cast or moon boot, the more players can get into the restrengthening activities.

Intertwined with the MalleoLoc® is our class Cocoon® compression socks. Swelling management is a critical part of rehabbing faster. The compression socks were 3D measured by Bauerfeind’s BodyTronic 600® system which is a 99.8% accurate scanner which then recommends a precision fit size that we have subsequently fitted Cleary with (see image attached). We can ensure a medical grade of compression alongside a lateral stabiliser that Cleary can use whilst re-strengthening occurs thereby minimising swelling as well as minimising the risk of further lateral injury.

Then, as soon as Cleary has increased strength and ability to load the ankle, he will transition to the MalleoTrain Plus®. The MalleoTrain Plus® is a unique three-in-one product offering medical grade compression, lateral and medial silicon supports as well as an intertwined figure eight strap. This will provide added levels of support whilst being able to sprint and load as required for Cleary as he looks to cement his availability.  Cleary can run in the MalleoTrain Plus®, even during game time; the compression helps swelling and the silicone and strapping will support him throughout training and the game hence giving him strength, support and all-important confidence.

Finally, Cleary was also provided with Bauerfeind’s Ball and Racket socks which is a knee length compression sock with an intertwined figure eight in the sock which provides added levels of stability for the ankle as well as swelling management. 
For more information or to interview Walid Yassine about Cleary’s recovery using Bauerfeind, please contact Anna Abignano on Tel: 0411 481 477 or anna@allaboutpr.com.au