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ThermaMax Panel: Modular Innovation In Visual, Heat And Noise Control For The Mining & Energy Sectors

ThermaMax Panel: Modular Innovation In Visual, Heat And Noise Control For The Mining & Energy Sectors

With increased urbanisation, environmental and OH&S concerns, mining and energy companies in general have faced augmented regulation with regards to visual amenity, heat and noise emission, OH&S compliance and carbon footprint reduction.

In direct response to exacting requirements for a multi-million dollar gas extraction project, Modular Wall Systems developed ThermaMax Panel to provide a modular thermal heat control solution that was not previously available. The client, who had been considering the use of shipping containers at the start of the project, required a pre-finished, 10 meter high modular enclosure that could be built quickly and that would take 180 trucks off the road. A modular construction methodology and composite insulation panel solution was particularly desirable, for the increased project efficiency this ensures.


In addition, the solution needed to be capable of:

  • stopping direct visual sighting of the flare flame from surrounding ground positions
  • controlling heat radiation emissions for personnel working in and around enclosures
  • controlling heat radiation to the immediate area of influence
  • reducing noise emissions
  • reducing the environmental impact resulting from transportation of the solution to project sites. Stated aim: 180 trucks off the road as compared to the shipping container solution.
  • Omitting wildfire entering the area.
  • Easy integration with existing beam & girt structures widely used in the mining and energy sector

ThermaMax Panel has been precision engineered and extensively tested to provide the answer to the all of the challenges mentioned above.

ThermaMax Panel provides an innovative, one-step modular insulation solution which represents a major improvement on traditional, multi-step installations. 
ThermaMax cleverly combines existing materials in an all in one composite panel and sits in conventional beam and girt structures that are widely used in the mining & energy sector. ThermaMax is lightweight, rigid, easy to install and transport using existing skill and machinery. The composite nature of the ThermaMax Panel, combined with the modular construction ability of the overall solution, results in significant time, cost and environmental efficiencies.

ThermaMax Panels can be used and adapted for curtain walling, free standing walls or 
any other developments or projects that require a solution for sites exposed to high temperatures. ThermaMax is also ideally suited as a solution for combustible environments.

Why the ThermaMax Panel is a better alternative to traditional enclosure solutions
Before the ThermaMax solution, shipping containers were the preferred option to meet height, heat, insulation and finish requirements. This bulky solution is typically characterised by:

  • a significant environmental footprint: a large amount of trucks is required for transportation to site. Also, extensive concrete pad footings are constructed as a foundation for the containers. They typically remain in the ground after the containers are removed.
  • higher transportation cost
  • higher staff costs: a larger team is required to install a wall comprising of shipping containers
  • longer installation and deconstruction times
  • lack of customisation of the finish colour or overall look of the enclosure

The ThermaMax Panel innovation sets a new standard in the industry by providing a modular, lightweight and rigid solution that meets current and future exacting requirements.

ThermaMax Panel sets the environmental standard
Modular wall Systems is current involved with a large gas upstream project comprising of multiple flare enclosures. If shipping containers were used to contain these enclosures, 180 trucks would have been required. By using the ThermaMax Panel solution instead, the amount of trucks required was reduced to 6. For 7 sites, this represents a 1000 truck reduction.

ThermaMax Panel has been precision engineered to be the easiest product to handle
To ensure that The ThermaMax Panel meets all the exacting requirements of the mining, energy and commercial sectors and is also OH&S compliant, the design of the product features:

  • Manageable, lightweight components
  • Design that allows for thermal movement
  • Limitless configurations due to modular nature

ThermaMax Panel provides proven noise mitigation
The pre-finished ThermaMax Panel is designed to be extremely robust. It is manufactured out of Australian corrugated steel, which is damage resistant. With superior acoustic performance one can typically expect up to a 25dB reduction in noise to surrounding areas. This translates to a four to five fold reduction in audible noise.