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New labour of love ebook from 32 Australian bloggers gives kids a sustainable future

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 25 May 2012 - What do you get when the work of Australia’s most recognised and loved parenting bloggers is combined with the quick wit of Wendy Harmer and the determination of an incredibly close group of friends?

You get "Things They Didn't Tell You About Parenting", an ebook anthology of intensely personal, often hilarious stories written in tribute to parents everywhere, and penned exclusively to support the Foundation18 schooling orphanage in Indonesia founded by fellow blogger, Cate Bolt. 

Things They Didn’t Tell You About Parenting is a true labour of love. Available now for download from www.thingstheydidnttellyou.com for AU$4.99, it is an ebook featuring the works of some of Australia’s leading online literary lights, including a foreword from The Hoopla’s Wendy Harmer, and stories from Eden Riley of Edenland, Mrs Woog of Woogsworld, Allison Tait of Life in a Pink Fibro, and many more. 

Between them, all 32 authors have a substantial base of followers, likers, subscribers and loyal readers in the many thousands. Their potential audience is massive, global and motivated, something the women hope will help them to sell the ebook and raise funds in support of one of their own, blogger Catherine Bolt.

Mother of nine (yes, you read that correctly, nine!), rock journalist at heart, ex-prison guard and domestic abuse survivor, TedX speaker, e-commerce pioneer, craft queen, social media doyen and fearless advocate for the homeless, Catherine Bolt first shot into the national spotlight when she penned an open letter to Kevin Rudd and posted it on her well-followed blog.  It raised the spectre of middle-classed homelessness in a shocking way, and catapulted Ms Bolt’s blog into the stratosphere as one of the most controversial blogs in Australia at the time.

What followed was astounding.  Despite being subjected to an unprecedented level of attack for speaking out about the plight of her family, Cate Bolt picked herself up, gathered her remarkable family around her and launched a national appeal against homelessness with the help of the Bendigo Bank.  She then went on to raise money to launch Foundation18 and only a year following her entire family experiencing homelessness first hand, Cate established her schooling orphanage in the tiny Indonesian village of Ringdikit.

Funded by Ms Bolt and a small group of private donors, almost all 'met' through social media, Foundation18 now provides a home to twelve young girls and schooling for a further 44 children.  Cate is also working toward creating a cottage industry in Ringdikit, giving local women crafting skills with the aim of creating a self-sustaining economic base. 

Her focus, determination, courage and selflessness in the face of true adversity has so inspired several of her friends that they collaborated together to create Things They Didn’t Tell You About Parenting.  Its launch today is a tribute to Cate Bolt, her family and her extended Foundation18 family.

Published as an ebook, Things They Didn’t Tell You About Parenting will be promoted widely through the blog network of all authors and their social media channels.  It is being sold for AUD$4.99 as a .zip file containing EPUB, MOBI and PDF versions of the book, suitable for use on all e-readers, tablets, computers and smartphones. All proceeds are being donated to Foundation18

You can read more about it and download your copy at www.thingstheydidnttellyou.com


MEDIA REQUESTS. For more information or to request an interview, email pr@filteredmedia.com.au

More about Things They Didn’t Tell You About Parenting.

Featuring a foreword from Wendy Harmer, this beautiful anthology of blogs written exclusively by some of Australia’s leading bloggers, several of whom are also published authors on families and parenting.

It is available for download from www.thingstheydidnttellyou.com for AU$4.99 and all proceeds from the sale will go to support Foundation18 via its Australian fund-raising arm Project 18.

All contributions to the book (including writing, artwork, editing, website design, PR and hosting) have been for love, given in the act of 'parents helping a parent helping a child'.

Contributing authors and supporters include:

  • Eden Riley -  Edenland.  (Winner, Sydney Writers' Centre #BestBlogs2012) (www.edenriley.com)
  • Mrs Woog – Woogsworld (95, 000 page views per month) www.woogsworld.com
  • Chantelle Ellem – Fat Mum Slim  (Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Blogger 2010 Shortlist) www.fatmumslim.com.au
  • Lucy Mulvany  – Diminishing Lucy  (Kidspot Top 50 Shortlist) www.diminishinglucy.com
  • Allison Tait (our Ed in chief and contributor) – Life in a Pink Fibro, author Career Mums (2012, with Kate Sykes), and Credit Card Stressbusters (2009). Her first fiction book is due out in 2013.
  • Lori Dwyer – Random Ramblings of a Stay At Home Mum (Kidspot Top 50 Shortlist) www.rrsahm.com
  • Naomi Ellis – Seven Cherubs (Kidspot Top 50 Shortlist) www.sevencherubs.com
  • Veronica Foale – Sleepless Nights (Kidspot Top 50 Shortlist) http://somedaywewillsleep.com/
  • Bern Morley – So Now What? (Kidspot Top 50 Shortlist) www.bernmorley.blogspot.com.au/
  • Glowless (Trae Flett) – Where's My Glow? (Kidspot Top 50 Shortlist) www.wheresmyglow.com
  • Kerri Sackville – Life and Other Crises, author of When My Husband Does the Dishes… (2011) and The Little Book of Anxiety (May 2012). http://lifeandothercrises.blogspot.com.au/
  • Cover design and illustrations used inside and on website supplied by by Jo McComiskey, former Creative Director of Australian House and Garden, now freelance stylist, illustrator and blogger at Beautiful South.
  • Allison Tait was both Editor-in-Chief and contributor to the work, and wrote the Introduction.
  • Tracy Rudd and Mal McClenaghan of Ebooks Need Editors edited the contributions, formatted the ebook conversions, and donated website hosting and design.
  • Samantha Marks of Sliced Marketing, and Heather Jones of Filtered Media helped promote the book via media channels.