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Tigerturf Offer Unlimited Warranty On Synthetic Football Fields

For some time now TigerTurf NZ have had a football turf field product called ‘Endurance’, manufactured from a TenCate yarn called XP Blade and is the only synthetic football product that offers an unlimited wear warranty.  This is actually a big deal because football surface warranties are generally based on a field’s hours of use over a specific period and are also limited by the type of footwear worn by players.

So when considering how a football field is going to wear over time, it is important to consider two factors – intensity of use and whether flat soled shoes as well as boots will be used on the surface.  These factors are important to clubs and facilities because they are interested in how long the turf will last before needing to be replaced as well as having to monitor hours of use (so as to not void the warranty) and monitor the footwear being used which, especially in many community based fields, is near impossible to do. Also, with the growing interest and participation in Futsal or 5-a-side football, which sees more players per m2 of playing area is a shorter, faster and more intensive form of the sport, durability and wear become critical to a facility.

The innovative team at TigerTurf have put together some specifics on intensity of use, such as the fact that a full size (8000m2) football field when used for games has 22 players on the surface (referee omitted) hence a player every 367m2. A 5-a-side (800m2) field when used for games has 10 players on the surface (referee omitted) hence a player every 80m2. It is recognised that for both surface types there will be areas of the field that are trafficked more than others (e.g. goalmouth)

It is also recognised that the full sized fields are probably used more intensively on training nights than game days. Very conservatively it would be fair to say that for a similar amount of hours played per week that a 5-a-side field would receive 3 x the traffic per m2 than a full size field. The TigerTurf Endurance surface at Lindfield Sports Centre has been in use for 2 years in April, at an average use per week of 30hrs, hence at that time it would be fair to compare the surface against a full size field that is 6 years old (30hrs/week usage) or 3 years old (60hrs/week). Intensity of use is a factor of hours played and players/m2 and hence both of these factors need to be considered when choosing a surface type.

All of the above factors make it even more incredible that TigerTurf (backed by parent and yarn manufacturer, Tencate) are able to offer a 5 year unlimited play warranty for its XP Blade yarn, including flat soled shoe use. For more information on this and all TigerTurf products please go to http://tigerturf.com/nz/  .