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Timber Suppliers in Brisbane Attribute Success to World Class Customer Service

Narangba Timbers reveals why they feel being “timber suppliers” isn’t enough to provide their Brisbane neighbours with service they deserve.

December 06, 2017, Brisbane, QLD - Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers in the Brisbane area. They are a third generation, local, family owned business that has been successful for more than forty years. They offer a wide variety of timber species and related hardware materials for projects such as timber decking, timber fencing, timber flooring and more.

But according to their owner, Jack Kyle, there is a lot more to being timber suppliers than merely supplying timber. Mr. Kyle prides himself on providing low prices, high quality and world class customer service. According to Mr Kyle:

“There are a lot of timber suppliers in Brisbane. The business is extremely competitive. There's a lot more to it then putting up a sign and selling timber. We work really hard to find the highest quality timber at the lowest prices so we can pass those low prices on to our customers. But none of it would mean anything if we weren't committed to giving the best customer service in the timber business.”

Narangba Timbers has been in business for more than forty years. They are now on their third generation of family members working in the facility. In addition, many of their regular customers are also third-generation customers of the business. Mr. Kyle attributes this to having the kind of customer service that makes their customers feel like family.

Mr Kyle continued: “From a very beginning, it has been our policy to give our customers the very best service we can possibly offer and to treat them like family. Because really, as far as we're concerned, they are our family. At the very least, because we are locally owned, they are our friends and our neighbours. That is why we now have third-generation customers buying their Timber from us. We have developed a family environment here and we have earned the trust of our extended family.”

Narangba Timbers are also committed to working only with vendors who use ethical and sustainable harvesting practices. This usually means plantations or controlled forests where a new tree is planted to replace every tree that is harvested.

When humans and animals breathe, they consume the oxygen and release carbon dioxide back into the environment. But when trees “breathe,” they consume the carbon and store it as Timber fibers while releasing oxygen back into the environment. Trees are crucial for keeping the environment from having a “mix” that has too much CO2. Storing carbon also keeps the carbon from contributing to climate change, which is a threat to future generations.

Narangba Timbers also offers a host of educational materials and plans to help customers build their projects. They have online material calculators. They also have a display deck that allows customers to walk on a timber deck built of assorted species with assorted finishes.

Mr Kyle concludes: “We have the highest quality, the lowest prices and the best customer service. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers in Brisbane. They provide a variety of materials for timber decking, flooring, fencing, cladding and more. They pride themselves on having the best customer service in the Brisbane area. To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: http://www.narangbatimbers.com.au/.