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TimeFreed: Create More Time with Productivity App and Outsourcing

TimeFreed is a productivity app that allows users to manage tasks and schedule, as well as to outsource work to virtual assistants

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA --- Busy professionals and business owners often find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of tasks that they need to do, and has only a limited time to devote to their loved ones and their personal interest. TimeFreed, a company established in Australia, aims to solve this problem by providing a free productivity app that is useful for users to manage tasks and schedule, and at the same time they have an option to outsource their work to professional virtual assistants. Virtual assistants operate remotely outside of client’s office and provide client the flexibility to assign work only when needed.

“Our goal is to help our users free their time in two ways, that is by using our app and our service,” Hardy Lim, Team Leader at TimeFreed, said. “Using our free app to manage daily tasks will enable our users to be more productive and organised, while using our virtual assistant service will allow our users to outsource tasks that they can delegate. We provide services such as research, data entry, document processing, event planning, and many others.”

TimeFreed App lets users maintain a to-do list, create events in calendar, and set a deadline to a task as a reminder. In addition, users can collect a list of personal library items such as notes, links, and journals, and have an option to share the item with their peers who they have invited or added in TimeFreed.

The extensive request feature and the built-in messaging feature in TimeFreed App make outsourcing easier by keeping everything in one place. User can conveniently review quote, read sample report, check deadline, or relate a request to an event. By providing a sample report, TimeFreed allows clients to ensure that the outcome of the outsourced work will be similar to what they expected. Clients can also review the number of hours required to process the request as stated in the quotation given by TimeFreed. To help first-timers experience the virtual assistant service, TimeFreed provides $30 worth of credits to use upon registration and an additional $10 worth of credits for every friend that a user successfully invited to join.

To know more about TimeFreed, visit www.timefreed.com.