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Torture on holiday

The Editor,

Dear Editor,
In July each year, many people—a disproportionate number of them Aussies—have travelled to Spain to participate in The Running of the Bulls. Not in 2020, however, where the risk of COVID-19 has seen this deadly event cancelled.
This cancellation is great news for the bulls who would otherwise be forced to run through crowds of drunken, erratic people, after which they are brutally stalked and killed for "sport." Many participants who would have been run down or gored for getting in the way of a terrified, skittish animal—two Australians were gored just last year—should feel relieved, too.
The recent worldwide lockdown—and the fear of a second wave—has kept many of us homebound. The energy we may have spent on planning global adventures can now be reallocated to dreaming up a better post-COVID world, one where we do not hide behind the guise of "tradition" to maintain cruel practices. We have seen the power of public protest in recent weeks, and it’s time to apply the same people-power to outlawing bullfighting—and all related activities—permanently.  Please visit PETA.org.au/bullfight to add your name to our petition against Running of the Bulls and bullfighting.
Mimi Bekhechi
Campaigns Strategist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PO Box 20308 World Square
Sydney, NSW, 2002
(08) 8556-5828