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Tragedy turns to farce

Dear Editor,
Historical events, they say, always happen twice: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.
The tragedy happened in 2016 when the NSW government went to water on its principled decision to ban the vile greyhound industry. That decision followed an investigation that found widespread use of live piglets, possums and rabbits to “blood” the dogs. It found also that these highly social and sensitive dogs are sentenced to life in cramped cages or kennels, and that many are shot, bludgeoned to death or simply abandoned when they're deemed too old, injured, slow or exhausted to continue racing profitably. It was tragic that this well-reasoned and widely supported action was overturned due to a noisy minority intent on making money from this misery.
The farce was the announcement this week that NSW taxpayers will give this industry $500,000. It’s for a racing prize, and the only condition is that the owner who wins it isn't allowed to kill the winning dog. Other than that, it’s dirty business as usual.
Farce arises from absurdity, and this decision to throw away public funds on that cruel industry plumbs new depths of senselessness.
Desmond Bellamy
Special Projects Coordinator
PETA Australia
PO Box 2352 Byron Bay NSW 2481
0411 577416