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Two giants in one place: photo opp at Melbourne Central from 12 October

The world’s largest loudspeaker made of Lego will be on show at Melbourne Central, next to the even taller famous Shot Tower.

Invitation to cover the promotion of the upcoming national HiFi & AV Show
Dates: 12-14 & 17-19 October: Giant Lego Loudspeaker, Melbourne Central
You are invited to view the largest Loudspeaker in the World. It’s here directly from Denmark to promote the Australian HiFi & AV Show 2016, which is to be held in Melbourne between 21-23 October. This will be the best Show in its history in Australia with around 215 brands on display.
This giant 3.8 metre high replica, is actually made of Lego and doesn’t make a sound! Created by Dynaudio and built with the help of a Lego Certified Professional from Norway, this enormous ‘loudspeaker’ contains 25,000 Lego parts and weighs 85 kg.
This giant Dynaudio Lego Speaker will be on display at the Shot Tower in Melbourne Central for two weeks leading up to the event. Visitors also get the opportunity to listen to their own music on high resolution portable audio players while there.
Visiting the display will allow music lovers to also learn about the latest in all things audio by talking to industry HiFi guru and director of BusiSoft AV, George Poutakidis who will be available 12-14 and 17-19 October. As George travels the world visiting HiFi shows and leading audio companies he is fully abreast of all the latest innovations.
George can also talk about current industry trends, which will be demonstrated at the Australian HiFi & Audio Show. You can ask him about:
·Headphones that can cost over $8,000 a pair.
·How music lovers are having their earpieces moulded to suit their ears*.
·Amplifiers dedicated just for headphones.
·High resolution portable and digital music players over $5,000.
·The resurgence of vinyl and the sophisticated turntables available today.
·The new generation of young music lovers being attracted to high end audio equipment.
·Minimalistic HiFi systems without amplifiers, for the growing number of people who live in apartments and have smaller spaces.
·A new wave of users who prefer to use high resolution streaming off the internet rather than buying CDs or downloading tracks to listen to their music of choice.
If you would like to send a reporter to visit the display and interview George, please contact me at your earliest opportunity, so I can set up a suitable time. My details are below.

If you can’t make it to Melbourne Central, the massive Lego Speaker will be moved to the HiFi Show, which will be held at the InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto, starting at 2pm on Friday, 21 October.

Please note that visitors to Melbourne Central can obtain a 10% discount voucher to attend the HiFi & AV Show. Regular ticket prices start from $21 per day (online price).
HiFi & AV Show highlights
On Sunday 23 October at the Show, John Paul Young is hosting a Classic Vinyl Listening Session, chatting about his songs and career and spinning his records on a Thorens turntable and Krix sound system.
Other leading brands that can be experienced at the Show include: B&W, JBL, Yamaha, Marantz, Epson, BenQ, KEF, Dynaudio, HEOS, Bang & Olufsen, Naim Audio, Arcam, Jamo, Bluesound and Ypsilon.
Some of the most expensive equipment at the Show includes the Kyron Active Speaker System at around $85,000, the Helix 1 turntable at $80,000 and the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90, which is around $130,000. (See photo attached)
*BusiSoft AV is offering free ear impressions for custom in-ear monitors to the visitors of the Show. This process helps create a perfectly tailored in-ear monitor (IEM) and normally costs up to $120, but a BusiSoft AV trained audiologist will provide this service for free, during the Show.
Demetrius Baklavas, the world renowned audio engineer, founder and chief designer of Ypsilon Electronics, will visit the Show this year. Highly regarded around the world, Ypsilon Electronics specialises in the some of the best high end audio equipment. Patrons of the HiFi Show will have the rare opportunity to see the maestro in person!
Patrons of the Show also have the chance of winning five major prizes, including a high res Digital Audio Player from Astell&Kern valued at $2899, Eclipse Active Speakers valued at $1950 and a Dynaudio XEO/Focus XD wireless multi-room speaker system valued at $2000. All up, prizes are valued at $10,500.
As in previous years, each exhibitor will have their own room or theatre, with some requiring bookings to be made for private consultations.
More details on the Show can be found here: 

If you wish to apply for a free media pass to the show, you can apply for one here: