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Underrated webinar model wins over sceptical Sydney businessman

Webinars are becoming the go-to strategy for savvy business owners tired of the run-of-the mill marketing channels.

Mark from More Clients Fast in Sydney attended a free webinar seminar 12 months ago kicking and screaming.

“A friend dragged me along to a Steven Essa workshop; I was not keen to be there. I had my arms, legs, and everything crossed,” he said.

“I was sick of attending seminars where the presenters knew less than I and were not implementing what they were teaching in their own business,” he said.

“The interesting thing about Steve’s approach is he picks a person from the crowd to prove his strategy works.

“I was the person chosen that day. I presented (under Steven’s guidance) a webinar the following day with great scepticism. Suffice to say I was at the time speechless given the positive results.”

International webinar expert Steven Essa said webinars are a conversion generating machine if done right.

“A well-run webinar can deliver a 10 per cent conversion rate,” he said.

“Compare that with a measly one percent from a website.

“Webinars are seriously underrated despite playing a leading-edge role in meeting the communications needs of businesses and organisations.”

Steven said webinars are what teleconferencing was to business 10 years ago.

“Webinars are a tool to not only train staff and allow people to work from home but are a fantastic tool for sales and marketing, for sharing business information and for generating an income,” he said.

“They are cheap to run and can connect a business to a larger audience than just running a face-to-face seminar.”

“Webinar marketing is a powerful way to significantly increase sales revenue in short space of time.”

Steven Essa has been teaching people how to utilise webinars for five years.

“There are people earning tens of thousands of dollars after doing a single webinar,” he said.

“We are not talking about experienced internet marketers, but every day mums and dads, people with bricks and mortar businesses who are tapping into this new business model.”

Mark said he had utilised webinars in the past to help build his business.

“The principles he learnt from Steven have proven to be a welcomed addition at almost no cost that deliver tremendous, measurable results,” he said.

“What I learnt polished off my approach nicely.

“Using webinars regardless of the industry you work in is an inexpensive approach and easy to implement.  

“It also means you don’t have to pay $3000 for an advert and can be used for any product.”

A webinar is a web-based seminar or presentation viewed live over the internet. It creates an interactive environment where the presenter can quickly and easily deliver their message.

Steven said hosting a webinar is easy.

“I have taken people who do not even have a business idea and with two days, they are successfully hosting a webinar and making money,” he said.

“It is just all about finding your niche and trusting in your expertise because there are people out there who are time poor and want the information you have.”


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