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Unique style of massage? Here are four to choose from

Ripple Massage

Unique style of massage? Here are four to choose from

Swedish? Boring

Remedial? Can hurt too much

Relaxation? Been there, done that.

A chocolate massage? Now you are talking!

Rippleis far more than a mobile massage service. Australia’s foremost specialists in bringing the day spa to you, Ripple have developed a number of unique massage styles to give their clients a taste of something new.

AtRippleyou can choose from the following..

Chocolate with no calories

Two of a woman’s favourite words, chocolate and massage, in the one treatment. Ripple’s chocolate massage brings all the decadent aromas with none of the calories. Each treatment includes a chocolate gift box exclusive to Ripple including a chocolate soap, chocolate candle and a little box of chocolates for those who want to indulge

Honey Massage

Exclusive to Ripple - Nestled in the Numimbah Valley, under the scented gums, is a hive of activity…. Literally. It is here that Ripple Massage sources its golden honey for its just-launched honey massage

“Honey is magic for the skin,” said Alison Shaw, owner of Ripple Massage. “It promotes tissue growth and is fabulous for exfoliation. Amino acids help retain the skin’s natural moisture and antioxidants assist in reversing skin damage. As soon as we found this boutique honey, I knew we had to use it to create a unique massage.” Ripple massage therapists massage the warmed honey with oil and hot towel off as they go, so you are left with silky skin, infused with the honey aroma and none of the stickiness.

Russian Massage

Exclusive to Ripple in Australia. A beautiful and deeply relaxing style it is fantastic for letting go of stress and tension. It is based on techniques that have been used extensively in Russia for over 100 years, and is based on the philosophy that through massage the body can learn to heal, relax and repair itself.

Russian massage uses some unique techniques such as cresting friction (where the top halves of the fingers are used to massage along the back) and also involves the rocking and movement of the body to release stress. It is a very slow, beautiful peaceful style of massage that is perfect for those wishing to escape the stresses of modern living.

Seashell Massage

Unique to Ripple. Using a mix of reef shells, including speckled cowries, ginger scallops, lions paw fans and elegant sun dial shells, this style of massage taps into the energy of the shells whilst giving a deep and calming massage.

The shells are used in a mix of ways. Some like the cowries are heated, and aromatherapy oils are poured into the crevasse to warm before being trickled onto the body. The smooth domed surface is also used with hands on massage to release muscles. The shells are used both to de stress and for deeper tissue work.

For more information onRippleor to make a booking please phone 0438 567 906 or visitwww.ripplemassage.com.au

Ripple provides a unique mobile day spa service to women, men and couples throughout the Gold Coast, Mt Tamborine, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road, Mornington Peninsula and Geelong regions. Also Sydney, Tasmania and ACT.

We welcome journalists trying out one of our spa packages, please contact us for details. High res pictures available.

Alison Shaw - 0434 991 879
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