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Urban List Launches Challenge For Change Campaign To Find Australia’s Most Sustainable Agency and Most Sustainable Agency Employee

Media agencies across Australia pledge their commitment to do good and impact positive global change.

Thursday, 10 October 2019 (Sydney): Urban List are embarking on a mission to find Australia's Most Sustainable Agency and Most Sustainable Agency Employee with the launch of their latest campaign Challenge For Change, collaborating with media agencies across the country to support them, and their people, in making simple swaps toward a more sustainable life. 


Over 30 media agencies across Australia have already pledged their commitment, seeing the Challenge For Change as an opportunity to both do good and increase team engagement. 


The Challenge begins this week, with all participating agency employees completing a quiz to receive their current eco footprint score (from 1-100). For the following four weeks, tips and tricks to living more sustainably are shared with the participants to help them reduce their eco impact: both at work and at home.


At the close of the Challenge, participants receive a new eco score, modelled on the changes they have made to their work and home life. The Most Sustainable Agency and Most Sustainable Agency Employee Awards will be selected through a combination of weighted eco scores and finalist submissions. 


Sue Squillace, Carat CEO said, "Sustainability is an increasing part of a company’s culture and our team is excited to get involved in the Challenge For Change — joining our industry peers in doing more good and improving our impact. Both environmental and social sustainability are very topical conversations right now — something we're regularly talking about — and It would be a great achievement for all of us if Carat were to earn the honour of Australia's Most Sustainable Agency!"


Urban List ran a similar consumer campaign in June to coincide with World Environment Day, in which 27,000 people committed to the four-week Challenge For Change program to improve their environmental footprint.


Urban List CEO and Founder, Susannah George, says climate change is the key issue that’s concerning the Urban List audience and while 90 percent of Australians are concerned about environmental sustainability, only half feel they are doing their fair share to help*.


“There’s also the age-old complication that we want to do good, but not necessarily at the expense of the things we love — the changes we make need to be, well, sustainable, and if they’re perceived as sacrifice, the change will ultimately fail.”


“I’ve had so many conversations with brands who have identified a need to support their customers’ journey toward a more sustainable life; making a start, rather than needing to be perfect. As one of the largest audiences of Gen Y and Z in Australia, Urban List is well positioned to support this goal, and you’ll see a number of initiatives emerging from us through early 2020 — all designed to deliver ongoing sustainable change, for us, our audience and our partners.”