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US expert presents evidence for innovative drug-free pain management device, ActiPatch®

Mundipharma was pleased to welcome Biomedical Engineer Dr Sree Koneru
to Australia to give a presentation on the innovative pain management device, ActiPatch®,
which he helped develop.
ActiPatch® uses electromagnetic pulse therapy to provide long-lasting pain relief.
Dr Koneru is the Vice President of Product Development for Bioelectronics and visited
Australia to present the clinical evidence behind ActiPatch® at the Australian Pharmacy
Conference on the Gold Coast.
You can watch Dr Koneru discussing ActiPatch® on Chanel Seven’s Weekend Sunrise here.
“The new understanding of chronic pain is that nerves ‘memorise’ the initial pain from injury
and over time, become hyperreactive,” Dr Koneru said. “When used over a painful area,
ActiPatch’s pulsed signal is absorbed by tissue and disrupts hyperactivity of the nerves,
resulting in lasting relief.”
Electromagnetic pulse therapy helps to relieve pain from mild osteoarthritis and general
musculoskeletal pain in the back, knee, heel and other muscle joints. It is also ideal for
strains, sprains and other painful conditions. The therapy is completely sensation free, with
no heat, tingling sensations or vibration. ActiPatch® is drug-free and can be safely used with
any other medications.
A registry studyi of more than 5,000 chronic pain sufferers using ActiPatch® indicated that:
• More than 65% per cent reported a clinically meaningful reduction in pain from a wide
variety of causes and locations of pain
• The average pain reduction reported in these individuals was 57%
• The 3-month follow-up showed sustained pain relief, decreased oral analgesic
medication use and quality of life improvement.
“ActiPatch® uses low-level therapy to allow 24/7 use and, as it doesn’t require skin contact,
can be used over bandages and clothing,” said Dr Koneru. “Can also be used by people with
metallic implants and when not placed directly over them, electronic devices such as
Mundipharma recently acquired the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distribution rights
for ActiPatch®, reinforcing its commitment to the multimodal approach to pain management.
This multimodal approach includes cognitive behavioural therapies, physical therapies and
pharmacological therapies.
“Mundipharma has worked collaboratively with healthcare professionals to provide
appropriate access to pain relief over the past 20 years,” said Jane Orr, Managing Director
of Mundipharma Australia and New Zealand. “Our work with leading clinicians and reputation
as a trusted medical advisor will enable us to help more patients benefit from this therapy.”
The results of clinical trials involving ActiPatch® can be found here.
Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare
Further information is available from Mundipharma Pty Limited, 88 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. Phone 1800 188 009 or email medinfo@mundipharma.com.au.
For media enquiries, please contact:
Rob Bates
Communications Manager
+61 422 196 238
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Mundipharma is a member of a global network of independent associated companies which are engaged in research, development, production and marketing of prescription medicines and consumer healthcare products. Established as a leader in the development and provision of medicines for pain, we have expanded our portfolio to include treatments for cancer, glaucoma, asthma, burns, wounds, skin irritations and the common cold. For more information, please visit: www.mundipharma.com.au.
® ACTIPATCH is a registered trademark.
i Rawe et al. Pain Manag. 5(6):413-423 (2015)