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Value Currency Exchange Offers Concierge Service on Exchanges Over $2,000

We are Value Currency Exchange and we also offer free delivery with 20 km area of Brisbane CBD. If you wish to visit our store please ensure you book a prior appointment.

Value Currency Exchange announced that the agency is offering free delivery for orders of $2,000 or more within 20km (about 12.4 miles) of the Brisbane Central Business District (Brisbane CBD) during the pandemic. For convenient exchange rate information, individuals can use the company’s live online exchange rate tool, currency converter, and schedule a currency pickup or delivery.

Even though many counties are opening their borders to travelers and vaccines are available, the COVID-19 pandemic is still far from over. Orders can still be picked up in person from the Brisbane City Trading Desk by scheduling a pickup time with the agency’s “Get Currency” booking tool. The office isn’t always attended, but individuals can send a message or call 0422 612 916. All normal identification requirements apply.

The currency exchange Brisbane simplifies money exchanges and helps travelers obtain the maximum for their budget. What most individuals don’t realize is that not all places that converts currency offers the same rate. The best solution is to convert currency before leaving. It will save significantly on exchange fees. The worst time to exchange monetary amounts is after a long and exhausting airplane trip.

Value Currency Exchange is a professional money exchange Brisbane company. Exchange rates fluctuate throughout the day and even change by the hour. The agency’s services ensure that travelers don’t have to wait in long lines at kiosks or wait for regular banking hours to obtain better rates. The service is equally beneficial for Australians traveling to distant destinations or foreign visitors arriving in Brisbane.

Foreign currency exchange, currency investment, and business currency exchanges are all provided by Value Currency Exchange as a professional foreign exchange services agency. Not all currency exchange organizations offer the same rates and that’s especially true during the pandemic as economies ebb and flow.

There’s no need for travelers to endure inconvenient wait times or take a chance that their credit card will provide the best conversion rate. Value Currency Exchange’s tools converts currency from multiple countries and will deliver exchanges of $2,000 or more within a short distance of the Brisbane CBD for complete convenience during the pandemic.

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Value Currency Exchange offers the best money exchange rates in Brisbane for a wide variety of foreign currencies. We’re a trusted exchange and we make your life simpler with Value money exchange. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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