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Virbac Australia poised to advance Australian livestock nutrition with a brand new addition to the team

Virbac Australia has reaffirmed its commitment to livestock nutrition with the recent hire of a new Technical Services Manager for Nutrition. The animal health company welcomes new recruit Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas, who will bring a wealth of experience in animal nutrition following a fixed term role as a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne School of Agriculture and Food.

As an expert in livestock production, Dr Gonzalez-Rivas is a veterinarian from Chile with a Masters in animal studies from the University of Queensland and a PhD in Agricultural Sciences. She brings five years of experience in small and large animal practice in Chile, and six years of experience in research applied to nutrition and heat stress in ruminants.

During her research career, Dr Gonzalez-Rivas conducted cutting edge research into the relationship between nutrition, the environment and livestock production. During her Masters, she studied Northern Beef phosphorous deficiencies, while in her PhD she focused on heat stress amelioration in ruminants using nutritional approaches. She then completed a post-doctorate fellowship that explored the effects of heat stress on meat quality in feedlot cattle. With this experience, Dr Gonzalez-Rivas brings world class knowledge relating to the impact of animal nutrition on health and production, particularly during periods of high demand such as joining, calving and weaning, and during challenging environmental conditions. 

With Virbac Australia’s reputation for focusing on the needs of veterinarians and farmers to deliver innovative solutions to improve animal health, Dr Gonzalez-Rivas is well placed to contribute to the company’s continued success. “I’m looking forward to working with farmers and veterinarians to create better animal health and production by improving nutrition and address their needs and concerns in this area,” she says. “I will have the opportunity to interact with farmers and veterinarians across the country and provide advice on animal nutrition and the benefits of Multimin trace mineral injection, one of Virbac Australia’s best-known products for immunity, health and fertility.”

“Having a strong team that’s 100% focused on Multimin is unique,” Dr Gonzalez-Rivas continues.Multimin has demonstrated its efficacy in Australia and around the world. I hope to contribute with my veterinary and scientific knowledge to support the brand by developing strategies to help producers improve their productivity.”

As part of her new role, Dr Gonzalez-Rivas plans to spearhead trials that demonstrate the known benefits of Multimin under Australian conditions. She will also investigate currently undiscovered benefits of Multimin in other areas of animal health and production, as well as present seminars and attend meetings and roadshows to share her knowledge with Australian producers, vets, and other industry professionals.

With Australian producers continuously placing more importance on nutrition, Virbac Australia’s latest hiring decision is part of their goal to provide the industry with industry leading trace mineral advice and solutions for all stages of production – particularly during periods of high demand, and in a constantly changing environment affected by challenging weather conditions. As Dr Gonzalez-Rivas explains, “nutrition – along with adequate health programs such as vaccination and drenching – is the base for good health. I’m excited to work with Virbac to advance the work that’s already been achieved in this area by the country’s leader in the animal health market.”
To find out more about Virbac Australia, visit au.virbac.com
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