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VR Zone launches Next Generation Home Gym with Kat Walk

– an Omni-directional VR Treadmill

23rd December 2020 - VR ZONE Launches Kat Walk Treadmill which will allow you to stay fit while gaming. With COVID-19 showing no signs of slowing down, it is best to stay home and enjoy an interactive gaming experience with a virtual reality treadmill. Pushing yourself and driving to gym everyday could get boring.


VR ZONE have made it a lot more interesting, where you don’t have to push yourself to get in the fitness routine, rather you will always be excited to get your own fitness session in your own house with Home Workout Adelaide, in your own way that too with your favorite game.


 The most recent technology whereby an individual may explore a new world of dreams and imaginations they have never seen before. As a result of this invention, virtual cans became our eyes, and movement controls our hands and feet. VR Treadmill a comprehensive full-body controller, allows you to physically run, jump and crouch on the spot. It has been designed to be as unrestrictive as possible giving the user 360 degrees of continuous movement within a small space. It is compatible with most of the virtual reality headsets including very popular Oculus Rift.


These virtual headsets and controls permit individuals to have exposure to some other fact to a certain extent in an entirely new real-world due to its high-performance videos and high-quality audios. But some variables are still lacking to create this environment more realistic. Different games call for different movements. It allows you to switch to different actions anytime you want, so you can sit down to drive or fly when a game requires it.

Regular automatic simulations allow a person to utilize VR controls, in which a person can only press the directive switches or move the joystick to hunt from the unreal world. This isn't comparable to the actions we perform in our everyday life. Additionally, the lack of physical activity while playing simulator games can be detrimental to physical fitness.

A VR treadmill is a low-friction platform used with specific low-friction displays or shoe covers and a harness. As an Omni one prototype movie shows, the apparatus essentially holds you in place while your feet slip across the platform, which motion becomes translated into a VR environment.

The Omni one is much more compact than its predecessors, anchoring users into one vertical bar rather than a ring around the entire treadmill. You may even fold it up and place it off. It'll play games by a committed shop that is supposed to start 30 titles.

VR Treadmill is an Omni directional working place, which permits the user to move around physically in almost any way (left, right, forward, backward, or diagonally) in a digital environment. The consumer has a limited gaming station coated with a weapon and waist buckle, linked into the treadmill with sticks.

This will help trace their body's motion on the tread/walk from using integral detectors. This kind of perspective guarantees extreme participation from the artificial universe and imparts life-like expertise compared to motion controlled by remote-controllers. Hence, customers can walk and move around from the artificial world while doing it.


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