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Warwick Women's Workout Club Eases into Bigger, Better Premises

The Perth women’s gym offers more user-friendly equipment and more.

Perth, WA, 7 August 2014 - Warwick Women's Workout has moved its operation into bigger and brighter rooms at the Warwick Leisure Centre.

Michelle Monks, Gym Manager of Warwick Women’s Workout, says “after a weekend of preparing and what seemed like a thousand tasks completed, our wonderful women’s centre is ready to head into a whole new era. And for our dedicated clientele, it means the changes will do them good.”

With Warwick Women's Workout’s change in quarters, they had the opportunity to expand their range of cardio machines. The current roster of the machines now include 4 treadmills, 2 cross trainers, 1 recumbent bike and 1 spin bike and a rowing machine.

Says Monks, “The usual circuit of hydraulic machines and recovery boards will still remain central as to what we offer for cardio and strength training for all ages and fitness levels. The resistance on each machine can be adjusted so you get an individualised workout to suit your needs. It’s all very user friendly.”

In addition to the new cardio equipment, WWW has also added a new tower of dumbbells. With a range of free weights weighing from 500gm - 10kgs, clients can engage in strength training routines in an addition to or as an alternative to the circuit. “The lighter weights are ideal for those recovering from injuries or those who want to begin weight training slowly,” Monks says.

Having added the new equipment made it necessary to expand the floor space by 50%. “This allows plenty of room for the circuit as well as any extras,” Monks added. “It’s important to know our clients are comfortable when working out. With the added space and equipment, our aim is to make each day in the gym a breeze.”

Michelle Monks says, “Warwick Women’s Workout is now well positioned within the Warwick centre in relation to the expansion project which will commence later in 2014. We are also offering all our gym members free access to WiFi as well as complimentary personal training sessions for gym members who have been attending consistently.”

Warwick Women’s Workout have also extended their morning operating hours by one hour each day to provide greater flexibility and access for members. Gym members who want to work out and have young children are welcome to drop them off at The Ark, Warwick’s supervised crèche within the building.

“We’re pretty pleased with the expansion,” Monks says. “With our brand new factory fresh equipment in place, extra floor space and expanded hours, it’s always been our goal to provide a warm, friendly and supportive environment for women of any age to keep fit and achieve their weight-loss goals. We think the improvements will make a huge difference to a lot of women.”

Warwick Women’s Workout is pleased to offer women of any age an opportunity to attend to their health and fitness in a safe, non-threatening environment. For more information on how to join the fitness centre, call (08) 9342 9028 or visit their website: http://www.warwickwomensworkout.com.au.