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Water Saving Pocket Shower Is Launched

Eco-innovation company, SpaTap, bring their hygiene and lifesaving project to Kickstarter

The SpaTap, is a pocket sized, flexible, portable eco-friendly shower and hand wash device.  SpaTap simply attaches to water filled plastic bottles to give a flow controllable water saving shower or tap. Use it with recycled plastic bottles or new water bottles. Keep it in your rucksack, camping gear, handbag, car, baby buggy, sports kit or first aid kit. Wash when and where you need it.

After several rounds of prototyping, SpaTap have created sleek and functional prototypes out of medical grade materials and have tested them in both the National Parks of Queensland and the Beaches of The Sunshine Coast.   It’s a project they’re very excited about.  However, “As a start-up, our self-financing limit has been reached,” says Stuart Mason, Founder of SpaTap. 
Therefore, Stuart and the SpaTeam have taken their idea to Kickstarter.com in an attempt to raise $40,000 in 30 days.

Mason says, “We have set our funding target lower than we actually want to raise, because Kickstarter campaigns operate under an  ‘all-or-nothing’ funding model so we want to make sure we  reach  our goal at the end of 30 days and we need people to back us right now.”

The Numerous uses of the  SpaTap include: camping, surfing, sport, barbequing, outside latrines, inside field kitchens, temporary housing, cleaning a baby, showering cubicles, mobile doctors, first aid tents, trekking, fishing, on a boat, in a car, in the garden, before eating, or doing the dishes! Anywhere you need a tap, SpaTap is the portable answer.

SpaTap Founder Stuart Mason remarked, “For too long plastic bottles have been going into the ocean or landfill. Lack of awareness and alternative uses of this resource continues to have dire consequences for our marine health, wildlife and pollution. Recycling is great but is only part of the answer, we can also upcycle which is the top of the list as far as environmentally friendly procedures go. Upcycling is re-purposing a waste material and turning it into something useful.”

SpaTaps’s unique ability to instantly transform a plastic bottle into a flow controllable tap has already gathered interest from international aid and relief agencies, as a hygiene and sanitation solution for emergency and disaster situations and backers from all corners of the world have embraced this eco friendly product from the moment of launch.  To find out more visit the SpaTap Kickstarter page and watch the video.

To follow their project, be sure to find them on https://twitter.com/spatap and https://www.facebook.com/spatap and spread the word to your social media networks.  Consider donating as little as $1 to help their project come to life.  If you decide to donate more, you might be among the first in the world to travel  with a pocket sized water saving shower.